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Who is Lesley-Ann Brandt?

South African-born and raised, Lesley-Ann Brandt is a successful television actress lucky enough to call several great countries home. She and her family moved from Cape Town to Auckland, New Zealand when she was a teen and this is where she began her acting career.

Since then, Brandt has found success as an actress in both New Zealand and the USA. She is married to American TV actor, Chris Payne Gilbert, and the couple have a 3-year-old son together named Kingston. They now live in Los Angeles, the USA due to the nature of their work.

Career Woman

As is the story with many budding actors, Brandt started out modelling and supplementing her income with non-entertainment work in the retail sector. However, after being cast in several TV adverts in New Zealand, she went on to study acting as a serious career choice, training in the Meisner technique during 2008.

This approach to acting often draws parallels with the better known form of ‘method acting’ but it was developed independently. The Meisner technique involves encouraging the actor to start behaving instinctively towards their surrounding environment (which can include their colleagues as well as the set), rather than in a contrived manner. In order to achieve this, exercises such as repetition and improvisation are employed.

After appearing in several New Zealand soaps and television series, Brandt got her big break with the role of Naevia in the Starz network production, Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Although various production delays meant that she did not end up reprising this role after one season, it was a foot in the door of American TV. This ultimately led to appearances on CSI: NY, Memphis Beat, and Single Ladies. She has also appeared on Gotham and The Librarians, but currently plays the character of Maze in the hit show, Lucifer.

Sports Supporter

In her spare time, Brandt is a well-documented sports fan, posting publicly to social media about her support of South African national rugby team, the Springboks. She is in good company as fellow celebrities of South African heritage also posted their joy at the Springboks’ Rugby World Cup win just last year; A-listers like Charlize Theron, Roger Federer, and Trevor Noah took to Twitter and Instagram to show their support for the celebrated Bokke.

Brandt is not unusual in this because, as a whole, South Africa is a nation of sporting fans, ranging from rugby through to football, cricket, and less physical sports like poker. Fandom extends far beyond spectatorship, with plenty of people joining a local football club or sampling some of the best online casinos in South Africa, eager to be involved alongside supporting their national teams. Although Brandt is a rugby girl at home, her alter ego and best-known acting role, Lucifer’s Maze, is much more at home in the casino, infiltrating high stakes poker games and singing jazz songs in nightclubs. It just goes to show that Brandt can portray all aspects of the sports fan, from jerseyed jock to classy cardsplayer.

Hobby Enthusiast

As well as being a rugby nut with her husband, Brandt also enjoys other hobbies such as yoga, hockey, and baseball. This suggests that she is an active person who likes to stay occupied when she’s off-set and not working. However, this doesn’t mean that she is adverse to some hardcore relaxation every now and then. She’s also on the record as saying that she enjoys reading, photography, and travelling in her downtime. These pastimes will come as no surprise when considering the three countries that she has lived and worked in during her life already, and the former status of her husband as a sportsman himself.

As Brandt approaches her 39th year on Planet Earth, she shows no sign of slowing down but rather maintaining her determined, hard-working attitude both at work and outside of it.


As previously mentioned, Brandt is married to American TV star, Chris Payne Gilbert. The pair met and started dating back in 2012, after acting together at the Nancy Banks Acting Studio. They married three years later in a beautiful ceremony up in Bennington, Vermont, where Gilbert had previously lived. Although Brandt had, understandably, imagined a beach wedding in Cape Town or New Zealand, the late summer ceremony in New England ended up being perfect for the couple.

Two years later, their son Kingston came along; he shares his birthday with South Africa’s most famous former president, Nelson Mandela.


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