Who Is Lilibeth Lagman Romero (Eddie Garcia Partner) Wiki, Bio, Age, Children (Mikee Romero)


Lilibeth Romero Biography

Lilibeth Lagman Romero was the partner of Eddie Garcia for more than 30 years. Eddie was a Filipino actor, television personality, film director and producer. He was regarded as the “greatest Filipino actor of all time” having acted in the most number of appearances in Philippine movies. He died on June 20, 2019.

Lilibeth Romero Son (Mikee Romero)

Lilibeth is the mother of Mikee Romero who is a Filipino politician, businessman and sportsman. He is the team owner of GlobalPort Batang Pier in the Philippine Basketball Association. He is also the representative of 1-Pacman Party-List in the 17th Congress of the Philippines.

Lilibeth Lagman Romero Partner – Eddie Garcia Wife

Lilibeth was not married to Eddie Garcia but were in a relationship for more than 30 years. Eddie was born Eduardo Verchez García but was known professionally as Eddie Garcia or Manoy Eddie.

Eddie was previously married but his wife died in 1995 due to cancer. They had two children; a son who died of motorcycle accident in 1971, prior to his death he had appeared in two movies one with Nora [Aunor] and one with Vilma [Santos], and a daughter who died at the age of 39 due to a heart attack.

Eddie Garcia Death

Eddie died on June 20, 2019. His death was confirmed by family friend Bibeth Orteza and spokesperson Tony Rebosa. His death comes after he had fallen into a coma after suffering an accident on the set of his new TV show, Rosang Agimat.

On June 9, he was rushed to the hospital in Tondo, Manila after he fell over a wire that was blocking his way and collapsed. The next day he remained unconscious and was transferred to an intensive care unit.

The initial reports said he suffered a heart attack on the set, but it was later discovered that he had suffered a neck fracture, possibly due to his fall.

On June 19, his condition worsened with him showing “little signs of brain activity”. He was dependent on a ventilator.

Prior to Eddie’s death, Lilibeth Lagman Romero did an interview with The Manila Times where she revealed that she wouldn’t be pulling Eddie out of life support despite the doctors warning that his organs could fail “one by one.”

“In the four days since I transferred Eddie here from Mary Johnston Hospital [in Tondo] where he was taken after the incident, his team of doctors have explained to me every day how with minimal brain function, his organs will begin to fail one by one.

But for one reason or another, his heart remains very strong and he’s still fighting — that’s why I want him to go when he wants to go and never thought once of pulling him off life support.”

She also revealed that if Eddie was to wake up he would be paralysed from neck down.

“But even if he wakes up and let’s say his heart and kidneys continue to function, he will be paralyzed from the neck down according to the doctors. His neck snapped from the fall when his head hit the pavement.”

She also revealed that she has asked the doctors when Garcia would die but they told her that only God knew.

“So again, why would I sign any papers [to pull him off life support] when no one knows that di’ba? That’s just my own logic. I mean I’m ready but still, the feeling is you don’t want him to go. Sabi ko naman, I’ve never left the hospital since we got here and I’ll be here for him the whole time.

Because just like anybody in the family who’s sick, you stay beside him, you don’t go home. So I told the doctors when it comes to it… if it comes to it… they can just call me from up here [in the hospital room] if I’m not at the ICU and I’ll make the decision then.”

Eddie Garcia Cremation

Eddie once revealed in an interview that he had paid for his cremation; “I’ve paid for my cremation. I’ve paid. My helicopter pilot-friend will pick up the ashes from the crematory and spread in Manila Bay.”

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