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Marcia Clark Biography

Marcia Clark (Marcia Rachel Clark) is an American prosecutor, television correspondent, television producer and author born 31st August 1953 Alameda, California, U.S. She was the lead prosecutor in the O. J. Simpson murder case.

Clark was admitted to the State Bar of California in 1979, she was in the private practice and worked as a public defender for the city of Los Angeles becoming a prosecutor in 1981. She worked as a deputy district attorney for Los Angeles County. Clark said what influenced her more to become a prosecutor is because she was raped at the age of 17 on a trip to Eilat, Israel.

Marcia Clark Age

65 years old as of 2018; Marcia was born on 31st August 1953

Marcia Clark Family

Marcia Clark Parents

Clark was born to Rozlyn (née Masur) and Abraham Kleks. Her father was born and raised in then-Mandatory Palestine and worked as a chemist for the Food and Drug Administration.

Marcia Clark Sibling

Clark has one sibling, a brother who is six years younger and an engineer by profession.

Marcia Clark Husband/ Marcia Clark Ex Husband

Clark married her first husband Gabriel Horowitz, an Israeli professional backgammon player in 1976. The two first met at UCLA where they were both students. Their marriage didn’t last as received a “Tijuana divorce” in 1980. Horowitz was briefly in the news after he (or his mother) sold topless photos of Clark to the National Enquirer during the O. J. Simpson trial.

Clark married her second husband Gordon Clark, a computer programmer and systems administrator in 1980. Gordon was employed at the Church of Scientology. The two divorced in 1995.

Marcia Clark Children

Marcia together with her ex-husband Gordon Clark has two children, sons born in 1990 and 1992. After the divorce, Gordon argued at a custody hearing during the Simpson trial that he should receive custody of their children due to the long hours Marcia spent working for the trial.

Marcia Clark Christopher Darden

During the O.J Simpson case, Marcia was rumoured to have had a romantic relationship with Christopher Darden, a fellow prosecutor in the case Christopher Darden but Darden refuted the claims and “they were more than friends”, and there was no intimacy between them.

Marcia Clark Education

Clark studied attended Susan E. Wagner High School, a public high school in the Manor Heights section of Staten Island, New York City, New York. She later joined the University of California, Los Angeles graduating with a degree in political science in 1976. She later earned a Juris Doctor degree at Southwestern University School of Law.

Marcia Clark O.J.

Marcia was the lead prosecutor in the O. J. Simpson murder case in 1995 trial. O.J. Simpsons was charged with the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson, his ex-wife, and Ron Goldman. 0.J was later acquitted. Vincent Bugliosi, an American attorney wrote on his book Outrage: The Five Reasons Why O.J. Simpson Got Away with Murder that he blames the acquittal of O. J. Simpson on Marcia Clark’s and Christopher Darden’s lack of trial preparation, prosecutorial incompetence, and lack of a trial work ethic.

Soon after the O. J. Simpson case Clark resigned the District Attorney’s office and left trial practice behind. Together with Teresa Carpenter they wrote a book about the Simpson case, Without a Doubt, in a deal reported to be worth $4.2 million.

Marcia Clark Investigates The First 48

Marcia is the leader of A&E’s docuseries “Marcia Clark Investigates The First 48” which delves into some of America’s most shocking crimes that have remained unsolved or ended with controversial outcomes. Each episode focuses on a specific case and examines the first 48 hours after the crime to reveal new angles and unravel enduring mysteries.

Marcia Clark Now/ Marcia Clark Today

Marcia hosts  “Marcia Clark Investigates The First 48” a docuseries on A&E.

Marcia Clark The Fix/ Marcia Clark TV Show/ Marcia Clark Show

Marcia is the producer of The Fix which is a show based on O.J Simpson trial. The show is a ten episode series which follows Maya Travis, an L.A. district attorney who suffers a devastating defeat after prosecuting an A-list movie star for a double murder. Eight years later, when the same star is under suspicion for yet another homicide, Maya sees it as an opportunity for another chance at justice.

In the promo, Clark giggles a little and says ‘maybe’ suggesting that the movie show might be a ‘revenge fantasy’ for her.

Clark said: “It’s more a question of justice. “[The series is] not my revenge fantasy, it’s Maya’s. She really believes he’s guilty of at least the previous murders. So, yes, it’s a revenge fantasy, but it’s not mine. I don’t fantasize that way. Ever. At All.

All writers used their life experience to create characters and give them storylines. I don’t think you can have a good drama if there isn’t an authentic thread. I think audiences feel it when there isn’t.

This [series] is also about being a woman in what was perceived to be a man’s world. There’s an episode that [specifically] addresses that when Maya gets a nasty tabloid story written about her but her trial partner, who’s a man, doesn’t have to deal with that. It’s a universal issue for women.”

The show title has a double meaning with Clark explaining that “It refers to Maya’s desire to get justice, to fix the inability to get justice in the original case. It’s also from the defence point of view in that they think, ‘the fix is in,’ that [the prosecution] is going to frame the defendant this time to get him. Both sides think of this as The Fix.”

The Fix Trailer

Marcia Clark Books

  1. 2017: Snap Judgement
  2. 2016: Moral Defense
  3. 2016: Blood Defence
  4. 2014: The Competition
  5. 2013: Killer Ambition
  6. 2013: Trouble in Paradise: A Rachel Knight Story
  7. 2012: Guilt by Degrees
  8. 2012: If I’m Dead: A Rachel Knight Story
  9. 2003: Guilt by Association
  10. 1997: Without a Doubt

Marcia Clark Net worth

Marcia has an estimated net worth of $ 4 Million.

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