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Marissa Vlachos Biography-Wiki

Marissa Vlachos is An American citizen who is famously known as the wife of Tony Vlachos a two-time ‘Survivor’ champ,  who scored a second win with ‘Winners at War’.

Six years ago, a bald-headed, llama-speaking, crazy New Jersey cop crash-landed on an island in the Philippines and became an instant Survivor icon. “I’m the king of the jungle!” he declared during one of his many idol finds on his way to the million-dollar prize. Little did we know how prescient those words would become. That’s right, Tony Vlachos is the champion of champions, the recipient of $2 million. He’s the Survivor King, taking his rightful place on the throne next to Queen Sandra — the show’s only other two-time winner. As the final vote reading from Jeff Probst’s garage (literally) reminds us, we’re living in a scary and unusual world full of uncertainty. However, I can sleep a little easier knowing Tony and Sandra are the King and Queen of Survivor.

New Jersey police officer Tony Vlachos has again emerged as the winner of “Survivor,” winning the $2 million prize. Vlachos, 46, was one of 20 past winners of the reality competition show to square off against one another for the 40th season of the series, which premiered in February as “Survivor: Winners at War.”

If you asked me about Tony’s odds of winning coming into this season, I would have borrowed a phrase from Tony’s former Cagayan castmate, Spencer Bledsoe. “Tony, zero percent chance of winning the game.” Even with his threat level somewhat reduced after his clownish early exit in Game Changers, Tony remained one of the biggest targets on the beach, simply due to how momentous his first win was. All-star seasons tend to favor the quieter, under-the-radar players, and Tony’s previous games were anything but under-the-radar. He was bold, brash, and in-your-face, an agent of chaos who flipped on allies with such frequency you’d think he was aiming for a world record. It was a style of gameplay that never should have won the first time, let alone a second, especially against a cast of all winners. And to do it with zero votes against him the entire game? Wowee!

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