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Mark Acklom Biography

Mark Acklom (Mark Richard G. Acklom) is an English conman and fraudster. In October 2016 he was among 10 British fugitives named by the National Crime Agency (NCA) as the most wanted in Spain. He was arrested in 2018 at a luxury apartment in Zurich and extradited back to the UK. He was jailed for five years and eight months.

Mark Acklom Age

Mark is 46 years old; he was born in 1973 in the Lambeth district of London.

Mark Acklom Education

Mark attended Dulwich Preparatory School and then Eastbourne College. While at Eastbourne College he was considered an average student. He however impressed in business, where his exploitative behaviour began. His teacher was so impressed with him that he gave Acklom £15,000 to speculate on the real stock market. He never gave back the cash.

Mark Acklom Family – Mark Acklom Parents

Acklom was born into a relatively middle-class family as the oldest of four children. His mother Diana said that he had a difficult start in life. He had a forceps and suction birth and came out of the womb battered and bruised.

“I never at the time thought about it. But afterwards… when I had so much difficulty with his behaviour right from the word go, I did begin to wonder whether there was something in it.”

Mark Acklom Wife

Mark is married to Yolanda Ros Rodriguez who uses the aliases Yolianda Ross, Maria Long, and Mary Moss.

Mark Acklom Children

Mark together with his wife has two daughters.

Mark Acklom Stole From His Father

Acklom stole his father’s gold American Express card and spent thousands of pounds at Stringfellows nightclub, Harrods department store. He even took his friends on private jets to places like Switzerland, Paris and Tenerife.

He posed as a stockbroker to commit a £1m fraud that included obtaining a £446,168 mortgage on a house and hiring private jets.

His parents informed the police about him. They sold their house in Bromley and began to rent in order to raise money to help pay off his debts.

He made his first court appearance in 1991 where he admitted to 24 charges of theft and deception. He was sentenced to four years in prison and at the time of the sentencing the judge branded him a ‘wicked conman’ and an “utterly selfish and completely ruthless”.

The judge refused to accept evidence from the evidence that Acklom needed psychiatric help. He was sent to Feltham in west London, a notorious young offenders’ institution. But he was released in 1993 after appealing his jail term, which was subsequently cut in half.

Mark Acklom Duped his Ex-Girlfriend Carolyn Woods

In 1997 Acklom moved to the UK and spent 15 years in Europe where he duped investors and wrecked businesses. In 2012 he reappeared in the West Country and began telling people he was a businessman and a banker, under a variety of names. He was telling potential investors in the Cotswolds that he was buying Kemble Airfield with a plan to restore vintage aircraft there. It was at this time that he met Carolyn Woods.

Carolyn was a manager of a small boutique and Acklom introduced himself as Mark Conway and posed as a wealthy banker from Switzerland.

Carolyn described him as “immaculately dressed” and wearing designer clothes. She said; “He had a continental air about him and he absolutely exuded confidence… the air was electric. That’s the kind of presence that he has. He knows he’s got a presence – he told me that he can walk into a room and get noticed. And I think he enjoys that.

He did try on a number of jackets – and he was in the shop for about 25 minutes chatting to me. Quite flirtatious. Very entertaining. And just before he left, I gave him my telephone number – which was actually quite unusual for me.”

He took Carolyn to the airfield in Kemble and told her all about his plan to buy it and restore vintage planes there. After dazzling her with his apparent wealth he later told Carolyn that it was all a cover as his real job was as an MI6 agent. To proof his point he drove her to the MI6 building in London under the ruse that he had been called into work, and he convinced her he was going to see his boss. She then watched as he walked past two armed guards into an underground car park. This gave him cover and a reason for disappearing for days at a time, only to reappear whenever he liked.

Carolyn revealed that one day he appeared at her front door in a sling, claiming he had been shot in Syria while he was working undercover. He later told her that he was suffering with a brain tumour and that MI6 were so worried he was going to spill state secrets they put him under guard in hospital.

Acklom later ‘changed’ his profession and told Carolyn that he was buying luxury properties – one of which was Widecombe Manor, a grade-one listed Georgian home worth £3m. He claimed that he was having restoration work done and told her that he was having problems with cash flow. At the time Carolyn had sold her house and so she offered to loan him £26,000. Over the months, she lent him more and more money, until she’d handed over everything she had – worth around £750,000.

Acklom had isolated her from her family and friends but after he got the money he began distancing himself, turning down calls and emails. This made Carolyn realise she had been swindled.

“I wanted to kill myself – I was suicidal. I said to the police that if my injuries had been physical – I would have looked as though I had been beaten to a pulp.”

Carolyn didn’t know that Acklom was living in a nearby mansion with his wife and children with the money he had swindled her. After months of police inaction, Carolyn reached out to Sky’s Martin Brunt, who began a four-year-long manhunt for Acklom.

Mark Acklom Other Victims

Martin Brunt began his search at Kemble Airfield, wherein 2012 there was a classic car rally where a gentleman named Chris Frampton claimed a business idea had been hijacked by a man named Zac Moss. Zac’s real name was Mark Acklom.

Chris’ idea was to promote rock concerts at Formula One races – and Acklom told him he could help and said he could raise the money to get it off the ground. He even said that he knew Formula One owner Bernie Ecclestone. Chris soon realised it was a con. The con cost him his marriage and health.

“I basically got angry the first month because no salary turned up and my wife was going ballistic over that… and when the second month came and went I already realised he was a complete and utter robber.”

Acklom also asked a man called David Hadfield to draw up plans for a luxury house for him to live in. Hadfield arranged to have everything signed over to Acklom, who promised to pay once the project was completed. Except he didn’t buy the house – he rented it.

One night he just left, leaving £5,000 in unpaid rent behind him. Hadfield hired a private detective to find Acklom who at the time was posing as Mark Moss but he was never caught.

Martin knew Acklom had connections in Spain. The trail took him to some offices in Alicante, where Martin met a PA who had been paying the rent on Acklom’s behalf. She paid €4,000, but did not get a single penny back.

Mark Acklom Arrest

Mark was soon arrested but was freed on bail but he fled to Italy. The Spanish police took four months to track him down and bring him back to Spain. He had been selling luxury property in London to Spanish nationals for huge amounts of money – property he didn’t own.

He was put on trial in Cartagena and he tried to persuade the judges that he was completely innocent. At the time of the crime, he explained, he’d just come out of prison and was trying to build a new life. He was convicted and given three years in Murcia’s central prison number one.

While he was in court he revealed that he had just got out of prison suggesting he had committed more crimes than previously thought. It was discovered that he had been jailed no less than five times in Spain. The last time he was jailed was in 2015. He was released after he applied for a pardon, but he had to surrender his passport and stay in Spain. But he went on the run again – and the trail went cold once more.

Mark Acklom Wanted

Mark became a wanted man in the UK and Spanish communities. As the police were hunting him down, Martin together with a private detective known as Charlie’s Angel were also doing the same. They were able to track him down to a cafe in Switzerland after a photo was sent to her.

While in Switzerland he moved to Zurich and had gotten a new passport but had legally changed his name by deed poll.

Mark Acklom Arrest and Sentencing

Police in Switzerland had been stalking him in a luxury apartment he had rented in Wädenswil. He was arrested and taken to Geneva’s Champ Dollom prison and his extradition back to the UK was on hold while Swiss police considered their own charges against Acklom. He was convicted of more crimes – Swiss cheque and credit card fraud – and was jailed for 120 days.

He lost his eight-month fight against extradition and a team of detectives brought him back to the UK. On arrival he was charged with 20 counts of duping Carolyn Woods into giving him all her money. A date was set for his trial. There was no trial. He pleaded guilty to five of the 20 charges after making a deal with prosecutors and the rest was dropped. He was jailed for five years and eight months. Time already served in custody meant his sentence would be much reduced.

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