Michael Lofthouse Bio-Wiki, Age, Family, Wife, Solid 8 And Networth


Michael Lofthouse Biography

Michael Lofthouse is the CEO of the American cloud computing firm solid8. He rose to public attention after he was caught on camera beating an Asian with racist remarks at the Bernardus Lodge hotel in Carmel Valley. The Family was at the restaurant celebrating Mari Orosa’s birthday.

For a few moments, after the camera began recording, the white man smirked silently in his seat at an upscale California restaurant. Then, he gave the family at the next table the middle finger and unleashed an anti-Asian tirade.

“Trump’s going to f— you,” he said, adding that the family “need to leave” and calling one of them an “Asian piece of s—.”After the video went viral on Tuesday, multiple journalists identified the man as Michael Lofthouse, CEO of Solid8, a cloud computing firm based in San Francisco. By the day’s end, Lofthouse had deleted all his social media accounts and issued an apology to a local TV station.

“My behavior in the video is appalling,” he told San Francisco’s KGO-TV in a statement. “This was clearly a moment where I lost control and made incredibly hurtful and divisive comments.”

Michael Lofthouse Age|Birthday

Micheal’s age is still unknown to the American public. However, judging from his pictures Michael is estimated to be in his early 40’s or late 30’s.

Michael Lofthouse Height

A man of average stature Lofthouse stands at an estimated height of 5’8.

Michael Lofthouse Family

Little is known about his family. He has kept information regarding who and where his parents and siblings are.

Michael Lofthouse Wife

Little is known about Micheals’s persona life. It is not known if he is married or not.QAll that is known is that t Lofthouse emigrated to the United States in 2010, originally living in New York City. Lofthouse graduated from Newcastle Business School in 2005. He studied business at the school, which is associated with Northumbria University, located in the northeast of England, according to his now-deleted LinkedIn page. Lofthouse’s Twitter page has been suspended due to a violation of Twitter’s rules.

Michael Lofthouse Nationality

He is of Britan Origin.

Michael Lofthouse Networth

Micheal’s Networth is still under investigation. However, judging from his position at Solid 8 we can estimate his networth at Six figures or more.

Michael Lofthouse Viral Video

A viral video of a man spouting expletives and racist comments toward an Asian-American family at a restaurant in Carmel Valley, California, has been identified by multiple publications as a San Francisco tech CEO.

Multiple publications identified the man in the video as Michael Lofthouse, CEO of Solid8, LLC, a San Francisco cloud computing services company founded in 2017. Lofthouse’s LinkedIn account appears to have been deleted, his Twitter account suspended and his Facebook profile removed.

Solid8’s website says it provides “IT solutions designed to reduce cost and improve performance with Cloud Contact Center, Communication, SDWAN & CyberSecurity.” Lofthouse, however, is not listed as the company’s CEO.

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