Mikey Lorna Tyson :Mike Tyson’s Daughter Bio-Wiki, Age, Height, Spouse, Mother, Siblings And Networth


Mikey Lorna Tyson Biography

30-year-old Mikey Lorna Tyson is the oldest daughter of legendary boxing icon Mike Tyson with former partner Kimberly Scarborough.

Mike Tyson is the first heavyweight boxer to simultaneously hold the WBA, WBC, and IBF titles, and the only heavyweight to successively unify them.

Mikey Lorna Tyson Age|Birthday

Born in 1990 Mikey is 30 years old as of this writing. Details regarding her exact date of birth are still not known to the American Public we are keeping close tabs on Mikey and will update when accurate information is available.

Mikey Lorna Tyson Height

A woman of average stature Mikey stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches. Details regarding her exact bodyweight are still under investigation.

Mikey Lorna Tyson Mike Tyson

Despite being the daughter of a legendary boxing icon Mikey has chosen to live away from all the publicity. She only posts random social media update s about her life. During her life, she has done a number of plus size modeling shoots and was selected as the cover girl for a November 2016 edition of Queen magazine.

She has a number of siblings from her dad’s various marriages. Rayan Tyson is the second oldest daughter of Mike Tyson and his eldest from huis second marriage. She is currently a student at New York University. She likes to live a very private life and has no social media profiles. Her IMDB page is pure proof that she has a very successful filming career.

Rayna worked on the box-office office hit film ‘Joker’ last year and also worked as a research intern for The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson documentary.

Mikey Lorna Tyson Mother

Her mother Kimberly Scarborough. Kimberly once confessed that she had almost had an abortion before thinking otherwise and walking out of the clinic. She says that Tyson was not excited about fatherhood but was handling the news well.

Mikey Lorna Tyson Siblings

Lorna Tyson has 7 other siblings fro her father Mike Tyson. They are named; Rayna Tyson, D’Amato Tyson, Amir Tyson, Miguel Tyson, Exodus Tyson, Milan Tyson, and Morocco Tyson.

Mikey Lorna Tyson Marriage

On February 24, 2020 rumours circulated around social media that Mike Tyson was going to give $10 Million to anyone who was willing to marry his daughter Lorna Tyson.

Mike, however, came out to condemn this news and said he was not happy such kind of news was being circulated.

Mikey Lorna Tyson Networth

Her Networth is still under review.

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