Morrie Tobin Bio, Age, Wife, Daughter, Net worth, Jewish, Los Angeles, College Admission Scandal

Here is everything we know about Morrie Tobin, the man who exposed the college admission scandal. He was also involved as he wanted his daughter to be admitted


Morrie Tobin Biography

Morrie Tobin is the man who exposed the college admissions scandal. He worked as the Executive Vice-President of Corporate Development at Segami Images, Inc. since October 1999.

Tobin began his career working at Freedom International, an inter-dealer bond brokerage firm, in Toronto, Ontario until 1996. He later joined Deacon Capital Corporation where he worked as an institutional equity salesperson from 1996 to 1998. In February 1999 he was employed by First Marathon Securities as an institutional equity salesperson in Toronto until October 1999.

In October 1999 he became the Executive Vice-President of Corporate Development at Segami Images, Inc. where he is responsible for corporate development activities at Global and is employed by Global on a full-time basis. He has also been Director of Segami Images, Inc. since April 30, 2000.

Morrie Tobin Age

He was born on 1st April 1963

Morrie Tobin Yale

Morrie attended Yale graduating in 1984 with a bachelor degree in economics and political science.

Morrie Tobin Education

Morrie has a bachelors degree in economics and political science from Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut in 1984 and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont in 1985.

Morrie Tobin Wife

Tobin’s wife is unknown.

Morrie Tobin Daughter (Rachel Tobin)/ Morrie Tobin Daughter Yale

Morrie has a daughter named Rachel who attended Yale graduating in 2015 according to The Wall Street Jornal.

Morrie Tobin Hancock Park

Morrie’s daughter studied at Marlborough School, a private all-girls school in Hancock Park.

Morrie Tobin Net worth

Morrie’s net worth is undisclosed.

Morrie Tobin Los Angeles/ Morrie Tobin College Admission Scandal

Morrie is the Tipster of the trending Los Angeles bribery scheme; College Admission Scandal. Morie told FBI that he had been offered to pay the Yale soccer coach in exchange for getting his daughter into college. According to The Wall Street Journal, he was not charged in relation to the scheme.

Tobin agreed to wear a wire to a meeting with Rudy Meredith, former Yale soccer coach, where Meredith reportedly offered to get Tobin’s daughter into college by saying she was a recruit, in exchange for $450,000.

Morrie had met Rudy Meredith, the women’s soccer coach at Yale, in the summer of 2017. Tobin saw an opportunity for his high school-aged daughter into Yale when she finished at Marlborough School, a private all-girls school in Hancock Park. Two older sisters were enrolled at the time Tobin made his pact with Meredith and a third had already graduated.

Tobin and Meredith agreed that Tobin would pay in “the mid-six figures” for Meredith to designate the girl as a player he wanted on his soccer team and Tobin began paying monthly instalments to the coach.

While Tobin was being investigated for his stock scheme he unloaded his arrangement with Meredith during a “multi-day proffer” as in proffer sessions, the target of a criminal investigation is given a limited amount of immunity or a plea agreement in exchange for information.

Tobin was wired by the FBI and asked Meredith to meet him at a hotel in Boston to discuss their arrangement. During the meeting, the men finalized the bribe at $450,000. Tobin gave Meredith $2,000 in cash toward his balance and the coach told Tobin of a bank account where he wanted the remaining money to be sent. During the meeting, Meredith also got to talking about a man named Rick Singer.

The FBI later wire Meredith $4,000 from a Massachusetts bank account. Three weeks after wiring Meredith the $4,000, FBI agents listened in for the first time as Meredith spoke on the phone with Singer. Singer was lobbying Meredith to help him enlist other college coaches in the side-door scheme. He gave him talking points for assuaging the coaches’ concerns

Morrie Tobin Securities Fraud Case

Morrie was being investigated in a securities fraud case when she got nabbed of the college admission fraud. Tobin’s fraud had begun years ago when he and some business partners launched a classic pump-and-dump stock scam, in which they fooled investors into paying inflated prices for shares in two companies secretly controlled by Tobin.

According to the complaint, the group ran a fake promotional campaign to stoke investor interest and then orchestrated the sale of millions of dollars’ worth of Tobin’s shares to look like normal trades on stock exchanges.

Tobin pleaded guilty to securities fraud and a conspiracy charge stemming from the stock scam in February. Due to his cooperation prosecutors have agreed to ask the judge to a low end of sentencing. His plea deal also requires Tobin to forfeit $4 million to the government.

Morrie Tobin Twitter

Morrie took down his Twitter page following the college admission scandal.


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