Obesity: a burning issue of modern society


In the current times, obesity is one of the challenges affecting the society. The number of overweight people is double the number twenty-five years ago. Taking an example of children, almost 15 percent of schools going students are obese. As a result, most children are living a shorter life than even the adults. The United States is one of the countries with the highest number of obese people. Children in the United States experience a short lifespan, courtesy of poor eating habits.

According to research, obesity does not just come due to overeating; it is due to the modern lifestyle. It relates to what people eat and the number of calories in the food. Fast foods are the most significant triggers of obesity. These foods contain substantial amounts of calories, sugar, and fats. These components react very fast to growth hormones in the body. In the contemporary world, a lot of youth and children prefer fast foods to other healthy meals. According to research, it is children and youth that have been hugely affected by this ailment.

In conclusion, obesity is of the burning issues in the contemporary world. If the youth and children lack control over their eating habits, then we do not expect anything better from our future generations. It is important that people watch their diet. More importantly, exercising is an effective way of curbing obesity. After eating, it is advisable that you do some exercises to burn the excess fats in the body. Exercising helps in the breakdown of consumed food into more useful energy.

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