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Ovi Kabir Biography

Ovi Kabir is a Tennessee native who is a contestant on Big Brother 21 on CBS. He is a graduate student from Tennessee University with a degree in Political Science. On July 3, he was eliminated from Big Brother but was saved with a new twist Camp Comeback, where the first four houseguests eliminated will not be evicted immediately.

Ovi Kabir Age

Ovi is 22 years old.

Ovi Kabir Ethnicity

Ovi is of Asian-American descent.

Ovi Kabir Nationality

Ovi is Bangladesh – American. His parents were born in Bangladesh and he was raised in East Tennessee. Most people were saying that he is from India but he clarified it on Twitter saying his parents were actually born in Bangladesh.

During an interview with Ika Wong, a Canada special correspondent he said he wanted to represent his family’s home country of Bangladesh on the show.

“… Growing up, I was a small, chubby 5’2″ brown kid looking at the TV, and there weren’t many people that looked like me, and to imagine yourself going to be there, you need to see somebody on that TV screen that looks like you. And so I’m super proud, and I understand the responsibility about being someone from Bangladesh, you know, Bangladeshi American, and representing folks like that, so maybe there’s a brown kid on the couch watching this season, and he’d be like ‘Hey that could be me.’ ”

Ovi Kabir Education

Ovi attended Oak Ridge High School and later joined the University of Tennessee graduating in May 2019 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. While at the university he served as UT’s Student Government Association president.

Ovi Kabir Parents

Ovi’s parents were both in Bangladesh before they moved to America.


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Ovi Kabir Girlfriend

Ovi has a girlfriend known as Hannah Blackwell who is a senior at Tennessee University. She said that Ovi would thrive on Big Brother due to his personality; “… Just from what I know of him … it seems like something he would really thrive on just because of his personality type and how he works well with other people, but you never know … I don’t know the other personalities of people that are in there, so it’ll be cool to see that …”

Ovi Kabir Big Brother

Ovi is one of the ‘Big Brother 21’ houseguests who is contesting for the $500,000 grand prize. Prior to joining the cast, Ovi was a fan of Big Brother, he began watching the show in high school after his AP sociology teacher gave his class an assignment to see how people interact in a closed and isolated environment.

Ovi announced on June 7, 2019 on his Twitter account that he will be a cast on BB21.

During a CBS Video interview, he said going into the house with strangers won’t be an issue for him as he ‘found my own fraternity at the university, and so I’m no stranger to having people you don’t know’.

“I helped — with some amazing guys — found my own fraternity at the university, and so I’m no stranger to having people you don’t know, get to know them, become good friends and work with a whole coalition of people.

So when I go into the house, I don’t think it’ll be too much of an issue that people are strangers or are from different walks of life ’cause I’ve got experience in that type of way already.”

Ovi Kabir Elimination

On July 3, Ovi was voted out by his houseguests, 12-0, saving Kathryn Dunn. He was however saved by the host Julie Chen Moonves who announced the twist, which is called Camp Comeback and has never happened before on the show. Due to the Camp Comeback, the first four houseguests eliminated will not be evicted immediately.

According to Chen Moonves, those in Camp Comeback cannot participate in “Big Brother’s” competitions or ceremonies, but they can listen in on them.

“They will continue to play the ‘Big Brother’ social game. This is very important because one of the first four houseguests sent packing will earn their way back into the game and continue to vie for a half a million dollar grand prize.”

When asked how he felt living with the same people who voted him out he said he knew why it had happened and he held no grudge against any houseguest.

“You know what I’ve had more awkward family reunions than this before, but honestly, I mean I get why it had to happen,” said Kabir. “I have all love for them, so I’m not worried about it. I’m ready to come back into this game, and you know, I’m ready to play… It’s the game. I signed up for it. I’m not bitter, and you got to play the game, and so, I’m getting a second chance, and I’m going to make sure I use it every bit I can to do it.”

Ovi Kabir Tennessee

Ovi grew up in Jellico, Tennessee, then later moved to Oak Ridge. He said that if he wins the prize money he would help East Tennessee.

“It’s a lot of money, so that would help myself, my family a lot, and help to give back to the community around me. I’m really big into being a Vol,” he said in his interview with Schroeder. Our mascot’s being a volunteer and helping the people around us, so I want to give back to East Tennessee because we have incredible people there. We have a public school system that needs to be better there, and we can help that out, and I really want to be able to better my future down the line … .”

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