Who Is Paulina Velasco (Santiago Creel Wife) Wiki, Bio, Children


Paulina Velasco Biography

Paulina Velasco is the wife of the Mexican politician Santiago Creel, who is a former Secretary of the Interior and serves as a Mexican senator representing the centre-right National Action Party.

Paulina Velasco Husband

Paulina married her husband Santiago in 2010. The two first met while Santiago was working as Secretary of the Interior in President Fox’s administration. They dated for four years before finally getting married. Santiago was previously married to another woman and after the divorce, he was romantically involved with actress Edith Gonzalez. The two first met when Santiago was 25 years old and Edith was 14 years old at a bullfight. The two later met when Edith had gotten out of a difficult relationship. They had a belief romantic relationship before Edith became pregnant.

Santiago comes from a politically affiliated family, his father René Creel Luján was one of the founders of the conservative National Action Party. In 2000 Santiago became the Secretary of the Interior a position he held until June 2005 when he resigned in order to run for the presidency. He was however failed to be nominated by his party.

Following the primary election, he served as Speaker of the Senate and Chairman of the Senate’s Political Coordination Committee. In the mid-2008 he left Senate to again attempt another primary presidential run in 2012 but he again failed.

In 2014 he became a member of the Board of Directors for a company called EZCORP.

Paulina Velasco Children

Paulina together with her husband has two children together; Paulina born in 2009 and Miranda born in 2013.

Paulina is also a stepmother to Santiago’s four other children; three children a son and a daughter with his first wife and a daughter with the late Mexican actress Edith Gonzalez. Santiago only acknowledged his daughter with Edith publicly in 2008 although Edith revealed that he had always been in their daughter’s life.

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