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The Beat vocalist Ranking Roger dies at the age of 56 after a battle with cancer


Ranking Roger Wiki/ Ranking Roger Biography

Ranking Roger (real name Roger Charley) was an English musician and vocalist of 1980s two-tone band The Beat and later General Public. He was born on 21st February 1963 and died on 26th March 2019 after a battle with cancer.

The Beat/ Ranking Roger English Beat

Ranking Roger was the lead vocalist of The Beat also known as the English Beat due to an already existing band. The band was formed in the late 1970s as part of the “2 Tone” ska revival based around the label of the same name. The beat set their own tempo, incorporating more reggae into their sound along with lead singer Dave Wakeling’s original and politically tinged lyrics. Roger on his part was a combination toaster and hypeman, dancing energetically across the stage, playing the percussion and pumping up the crowd along with his widely imitated toast/raps during the songs.

After releasing their lead single, “Tears of a Clown”, the band left 2 Tone for their own Go-Feet imprint through Arista. They released three albums — including their stellar 1980 debut, “I Just Can’t Stop It” — and were a leading light of British alternative music until their split in 1983 (the opening act on their final U.S. tour was R.E.M.).

Ranking Roger General Public/ General Public

Soon after the band broke up Roger and Wakeling formed a new group called General Public whose debut album was produced by Clash guitarist Mick Jones. Their first three albums produced several alternative-radio singles and were successful.

In 1988 Roger released a solo album called “Radical Departure” which included band members, Horace Panter and Fuzz Townshend. In 2016 the beat released an album “Bounce” their first in 30 years.

Ranking Roger Albums

  1. Radical Departure
  2. Inside My Head
  3. Retrospective – Looking Back
  4. Pop Off the Headtop
  5. Bounce – The Beat featuring Ranking Roger
  6. Public Confidential – The Beat featuring Ranking Roger

Ranking Roger Songs

  1. Future
  2. More and More (U Ain’t Seen Her)
  3. Wingmakers Dub
  4. Maniac
  5. Public Confidential
  6. Who’s Dat Looking
  7. On the Road
  8. Dangerous
  9. Long Call Short Talk
  10. Giving It Up
  11. A Good Day for Sunshine
  12. Skank Away
  13. Civilisation
  14. Walking on the Wrong Side
  15. Busy Busy Doing Nothing
  16. Heaven Hiding
  17. Avoid the Obvious
  18. Fire Burn
  19. On My Way
  20. Work Work Work
  21. Talkin’ About Her
  22. Side to Side
  23. My Dream
  24. Close the Door

Ranking Roger Wife

Roger was not married but during an interview, he revealed that not getting married was one of his disappointment in life. He said he was in a relationship with an Irish girl for 20 years but they split up in 2003.

The interviewer asked him what his biggest disappointment was in life to which he replied: “Having thought about it, maybe it’s the fact that I never got married. I should have been married. I’ve 3 kids and was with an Irish girl for 20 years, but we split up about 10 years ago. I regret that. We should have got married, but we didn’t. Maybe if we’d married we wouldn’t have split up later, I don’t know.”

Ranking Roger Children

Roger had three children.

Ranking Roger Net worth

Roger’s net worth has not been made public but considering the success of his band, ‘The Beat’ Roger must have amassed wealth.

Ranking Roger Death/ Ranking Roger Dead

Roger’s death was announced through The Beat Facebook page where they said he died peacefully at his home surrounded by family.

Ranking Roger Cause of Death/ Ranking Roger Cancer

Roger died of cancer. Last summer Roger was diagnosed with two brain tumours after he suffered a stroke, he underwent surgery and was later diagnosed with lung cancer and was undergoing treatment at the time of his death.

Ranking Roger Tributes

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