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Ras Kimono Biography

Ras Kimono (real name Augustine Okwudili Okeleke Onwubuya) is a Nigerian reggae artist who was born on 9th May 1958 in Asaba, Nigeria. He died on 10th June 2018 at the age of 60. He is popularly known for his hit single “Rum-Bar Stylée” from his debut album ‘Under Pressure‘.

Ras Kimono Age

He was born on 9th May 1958(60 years as at 2018)

Ras Kimono Career

Ras Kimono began his career in music while still a student at Gbenoba Secondary School Agbor. He later joined a group called ‘Jastix Reggae Ital‘ which composed of Majek Fashek, Amos McRoy Jegg and Black Rice Osagie.

In 1989 he released his solo debut album ‘Under Pressure‘ which was a massive success. The album had hits like “Under Pressure”, “Natty Get Jail” and the massive hit “Rhumba Style”. The album was a combination of Jamaican and native African influence (the latter particularly evident in his ‘Patois’ delivery, as frequently employed by Fela Kuti to communicate with the urban underclass). His strongly polemical lyrics produced album sales of over 100,000 copies, and a fervent following for his advocacy of social change.

Ras Kimono music was greatly influenced by the poverty, inequality and hardship he witnessed in his early life.

Ras Kimono Death

On Saturday night (9th June 2018) Ras Kimono fell ill at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, while waiting to board a flight to the United States. He was immediately rushed to the hospital in Ikeja, Lagos and later transferred to Lagoon Hospital in the Island where he died on Sunday morning.

His death was confirmed by the President of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria, Pretty Okafor and the Chairman of the Copyright Society of Nigeria, Chief Tony Okoroji.

“Ras Kimono was a very humble and excellent person. He was more like a father to me than a friend or colleague. He was one musician that never had any issue with anybody in the music industry. We are really going to miss him,” said Okafor

Ras Kimono Burial

On 24th August the body of Ras Kimono were laid in state at the Cenotaph, Asaba Delta State capital awaiting burial on 25th August

Activities for his funeral rites commenced earlier in the week in Asaba as reggae lovers, members of the Rasta fraternity and the Copyright Society of Nigeria , COSON, yesterday (23rd August) embarked on a procession along major streets in the metropolis.

Ras Kimono Wife and Children

Ras Kimono was married to Sybl, who relocated to the United States of America (USA) with him but did not return with him. They have three daughter

On his return he began a romantic relationship with his manager, Efe Okedi, and they have a daughter.

Ras Kimono  Daughter

His daughter, Oge Kimono, is also a legendary reggae artiste. She moved from Europe back to Nigeria to revive reggae music.

“I thought it was time for me to come back home, having garnered enough experience in the international scene. I decided to return to Nigeria to pay my dues like every other person. I don’t believe in jumping the line, I am not the kind of artiste that rides on my father’s name to get a break. I believe in working hard and I have been putting in all my efforts to make the difference. Currently, I am not signed on to any label. Whatsoever I am doing now, I am doing it out of my own pocket. I am trying to see how I can revive reggae music in the country. In as much as we do expect to get a return from our sweat, money is not the first thing I see when it comes to music. What I see is getting the message across to the people. Coming back home, I realized that reggae was on the lull. Young people like myself are not even ready to identify with the genre because they believed it is not profitable. So, they want to be on the fast lane and make quick money. Fortunately, I also know a couple of youths who are into reggae music but do not have the platform and push for their music to be heard. That is what Oge Kimono has come to do. I have come to pave the way for those who have been silent for a long time, and of course, to bring reggae music back to where it was previously.”

“It doesn’t really have to do with my father. Sincerely, growing up, I didn’t really like reggae music. I was more into hip hop, country music, jazz, R n B. I rather found reggae music boring and I didn’t understand Patua because it was strange to me. I remember when other kids were celebrating their birthdays, they play my dads songs. I tell them, don’t play that on my birthday, I want to listen to hip hop songs and R n B. I actually started connecting to reggae music at the age of 15. I would take out time to listen to the lyrics and said to myself, this is really cool. It is talking about your immediate society and things happening around you. I connected with reggae music one on one and coming from a reggae background also boosted it all.”

Ras Kimono  Albums

Ras Kimono  Songs

1. Rastafari Chant
2. Rum-Bar Stylee
3. Kimono De Want
4. What’s Gawn?
5. Under Pressure
6. What’s Gwan
7. Gimme Likkie Sugar
8. Jah Guide 1
9. Rastafarian
10. Slavery Days
11. Under Pressure II
12. Rumbar Stylee
13. Rub-A-Dub Master
14. Kill Apartheid
15. Gimme Likkle Sugar
16. Natty Get Jail
17. Dem Persecute (Rastas)
18. Break The Barrier
19. Do The Ska
20. Do De Ska
21. Bonus Track
22. Last Track
23. We No Wan (Dis **** Stem)
24. Babylon Burning
25. Rumour Mongers
26. Rub-A-Dub-Master
27. Ghetto Music
28. Sa Sad
29. Under Pressure Part 2
30. Dub Master
31. Natty get jai
32. Lucifer
33. Gangster
34. Tyrant
35. Natty Get Bail
36. Rastafarian Chant
37. Whats Gwan
38. Gimme Little Sugar
39. Gimmie Likkle Sugar
40. Barbylon Burning
41. Run Beer Style
42. What a Gwan
43. Kimono Dem Want
44. Natty Gail Jail
45. Rumba Style
46. Whata Gwan
47. Kinomo De Want
48. Gimme Leeke Sugar
49. Under Presure II
50. What a Gwan?

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