Richard Gill (Conductor) Biography, Age, Death, Cause of Death, Wife, Chidren


Richard Gill Biography

Richard Gill Bio

Richard Gill (Richard James Gill) was an Australian music conductor, teacher and music advocate born on 4th November 1941 in Sydney. He died on 28th October 2018 of cancer. he was the founding conductor of the Strathfield Symphony Orchestra. He was the founding artistic director of the Victorian Opera and former artistic director and chief conductor of the Canberra Symphony Orchestra.
Richard Gill Age 76 years
Richard Gill Birthday 20th January 1974
Richard Gill Died 28th October 2018
Richard Gill Cause of Death colorectal and peritoneal cancer.
Richard Gill Wife  Maureen Gill
Richard Gill Children Claire, Anthony
Richard Gill Grandchildren Camille, Elise, and Antoinette.


Richard Gill Career

Richard began his career as a music teacher at Marsden High School, West Ryde, in Sydney. He was the founding conductor of the Strathfield Symphony Orchestra in Sydney in 1969. He later joined Orff Institute of the Mozarteum in Salzburg in 1971 where he was later invited to teach the summer school.

From 1975 to 1982 he was a staff at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. In 1977 he joined Sydney Youth Orchestra as a conductor a position he held until 1982, conducting the flagship orchestra touring Singapore & Hong Kong in 1981.

richard gill
richard gill

He worked with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra’s National Youth Orchestra (NYO) in January 2009 on the NYO’s 50th-anniversary celebrations in their National Music Camp in Napier, New Zealand

His other positions include;

  • 1985 – 1990: Dean of the Western Australian Conservatorium of Music
  • 1990 – 1996: Director of Chorus at the Opera Australia
  • 2005 – 2018: Music director of a Melbourne-based Victorian Opera.
  • 2013: He co-founded Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra (formerly ‘orchestra seventeen88’) together with Rachael Beesley and Nicole van Bruggen
  • 2014: Musical Director of the Sydney Chamber Choir.

Richard Gill Awards and Achievements

  • 1994: Order of Australia medal
  • 2001: Central Medal
  • Bernard Heinze Award for services to music in Australia
  • Honorary Doctorate from Edith Cowan University of Western Australia for his service to Australian music and musicians.
  • 2001: Australian Music Centre’s award for ‘Most Distinguished Contribution to the Presentation of Australian Composition by an Individual’.
  • December 2005: Don Banks Music Award 2006 by the Australia Council for the Arts.
  • July 2018: MOST Achievement Award “in recognition of his exceptional contribution to the Arts in Australia as both a conductor and as a music educator”.
  • July 2018: The Arts Leadership Award at the 2018 Creative Partnerships Awards

Richard Gill Cancer/ Cause of Death

Richard was battling bowel and peritoneal cancer for a year before his tragic death

Richard Gill Death

On 28th October 2018 Richard Gill died at the age of 76, The Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra confirmed his death in a statement

People took to Twitter to mourn him

Gerard Willems who is a pianist posted his tribute on Facebook

“Dear Richard, I don’t know what to say. I knew you were not well. But even so, I feel so shocked and sad that now you have gone … What a great life! We will miss you greatly. Rest in Peace, dear friend. The music will never stop.”



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