Robert Kirubi (Chris Kirubi’s Son) Bio, Age, family, Wife And Net Worth


Robert Kirubi Biography

Robert Kirubi is an international corporate executive currently working with DHL in Brussels Belgium. He is best known as the Son of billionaire investor Chris Kirubi. Chris died at his home on Monday, June 14th at the age of 80. He had been fighting Cancer since 2016.

Robert Kirubi Age

Despite being in the limelight as the son of Chris Kirubi Robert has not gone public with any information regarding his exact age, date of birth, and birthday. However, his father was born in  Born in1941 and he passed away aged 80 years old.

Robert Kirubi Wife, Is He Married?

In 2020 Robert caught the eyes of many Kenyan women after photos of him circulated social media calling him Mali Safi. However, there is no information tieing him to any Lady be it in Kenya or in Belgium where he lives and works.

Robert Kirubi Net Worth

Robert has an estimated net worth of Ksh 20 Million or More. However precise data regarding his exact salary and properties under his name is a mystery to the general public.

Chris Kirubi Wife

Very Little information is known about Chris Kirubi’s Wife. Ms. Kirubi and her Tycoon husband went separate ways in 1999 and has since lived a private life away from the Limelight.

Chris Kirubi Dead

Chris Kirubi recently passed away aged 80 years old. He had been fighting Cancer since 2016.

Capital Fm which is owned by Kirubi announced his death in a statement saying:

“It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Dr Christopher J. Kirubi, who passed away today at 1pm at his home after a long battle with cancer fought with fortitude, grace and courage,”

With Over 50 years of experience as well as immense wealth Chris had been in the business environment since the 1970s.

Born as the firstborn in a fam,ily that was overridden with poverty Chris came from a humble background. His breakthrough in the Business world came when he landed his first job as a salesman for Shell, an oil and gas company. Here his tasks included the fixing and selling of gas Cylinders the latter being his primary job.

Hereafter he landed another job at Kenatco, a government-owned-transport company where he worked as an administrator. He embarks v on the business of buying rundown properties in Nairobi through his savings, renovating and selling them for a huge profit in 1971.

It was through this venture that Kirubi was able to secure loans from financial institutions which enabled him to purchase huge tracts of land in Nairobi’s posh areas. He put up residential and commercial buildings on the pieces of land for rent.

In 1998 he acquired Haco Company and began transforming it from a distributor of international products to a manufacturer of local brands. In 2008 fired up by his love for music he bought Capital Fm an upcoming radio station at the time.

His other investments and ventures include Centum Investment Company. Coca-Cola Nairobi Bottlers Limited, DHL Express Kenya ltd, and Smart Applications International.

Off Official Duty, Kirubi was well known for his involvement in various international bodies. He worked with the Ghanaian government as a Board member of the Investors’ Advisory Council and as Ghanaian Honorary Consul General in Kenya between 2000 to 2008.

He also served n the Harvard Global Advisory Council whereby he advised the council on education matters regarding Africa and was a founder council member of the African Union Foundation.

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