Who is Samora Smallwood of The Kings of Napa? Bio-wiki, Age, Height, Weight, Parents, Husband, Wikipedia, Movies & Series, Networth, And Twitter

Samora Smallwood Biography

Samora Smallwood is a Canadian actress who is playing a recurring guest role as Maddi Brewer, in the OWN’s new series, The Kings of Napa. She is also best known for starring as Lila DeMarco, the best-selling author, in the thriller series, Death She Wrote. Besides, Samora is the founder of the Toronto-based acting studio, The Actors Work Studio. She was born and raised in Canada.

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Samora Smallwood Age And Birthday

How old is Samora Smallwood? Smallwood has not yet disclosed how old she is as of 2022. It is known that Samora Smallwood’s birthdate is 5th December which is when she celebrates her birthday every year. However, she has not disclosed to the public the actual year of birth making it difficult for us to identify her actual age. However, Smallwood’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

  • Age: N/A
  • Date of Birth: December 5
  • Birth Sign: Sagitarrius

Samora Smallwood Height And Weight

For her body measurements, Smallwood stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches and weighs approximately 60 kgs.

  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Weight: 60 kgs

Samora Smallwood Family/ Parents And Siblings

Samora Smallwood was raised by her parents in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Her father is West African and a native while her mother is of English and Irish descent. However, she has not disclosed any of her parent’s identities including her father and mother’s names. Among Smallwood, family members are the renowned father of the Canadian Confederation, Joey Smallwood. She is his niece.

Samora Smallwood Husband And Children

Smallwood prefers keeping her personal life private and she has not disclosed any details about who her husband is. Therefore, we have unsuccessfully been able to establish her marital status of whether she is married or engaged. Additionally, it is also not known whether Smallwood has children or not. However, we shall update this information as soon as it is revealed to the public.

Samora Smallwood Wikipedia

Samora has the acting industry for more than a decade now and she has been 34 credits for acting as of now. She also has 2 credits as the writer of the short films, Budy and Crysalis, and also credits as the director and producer of the short film, Crysalis. During her line of career, Samora starred in the thriller series, Death She Wrote where she portrays the role of Lila DeMarco. One of her achievements includes that of her being nominated as an Emmy Award winner for playing the role of Lieutenant Amin in the film, Star Trek. As Lieutenant Amin she is a Starship Enterprise NC-1701’s navigator.

There are a number of tv movies and series that Samora Smallwood featured recently that got her credits. Some of them include, Check Dates as Kassi, Angel Falls Christmas as Dawn Jackson, Murdoch Mysteries as Viola Treaty, Far Cry 6 which she voices Giancarlo Esposito, Good Witch as Dr. Monica McBride, and Coroner as Shelley / Lisa Grigson.

  • Samora Smallwood The Kings of Napa

However, Smallwood is casting in the new OWN’s series, The Kings of Napa. In the series, she portrays the guest role of Maddi Brewer who is a hilarious OB-GYN. She is also the best friend of August King, the new King family’s head who is the matriarch of the King family. She gave up her journalism career as a news reporter so as to focus on running the King Estate Wines.

The King of Napa series revolves around an African American family which is doing a family-owned business. The main aim here is to show the capabilities that Black families hold and also their legacy. This is from the increased rates of undermining of Black people with their businesses closing up every day. The King family wants to show exactly what Black families can do creating generational wealth and winning out there. The King of Napa series was first premiered on Ophrah’s Winfrey Network on January 11 2022 where it is airing now.

Samora Smallwood Networth

Actress Samora Smallwood has a net worth of approximately $4 million.

Samora Smallwood Twitter

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