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Saoirse Kennedy Hill Biography

Saoirse Kennedy Hill was the daughter of Courtney Kennedy Hill and Paul Hill. She was the granddaughter of Robert F. Kennedy and Ethel Kennedy. She was a Junior at Boston College studying mass media and communication. Saoirse died on August 1, 2019 after an alleged drug overdose.

Saoirse Kennedy Hill Age

She was 22 years old; she was born in 1997.

Saoirse Kennedy Hill Parents

Saoirse was the daughter of Courtney Kennedy and Michael Paul Hill. Her parents got married in 1993 but they legally separated in February 2006.

Her mother, Courtney is the daughter of Robert F. Kennedy and Ethel Kennedy, while her father Paul has been described as a “Northern Irish freedom fighter” who was jailed for 15 years after being wrongfully convicted for several bombings carried out by the Irish Republican Army.

Saoirse Kennedy Hill Boston College

Saoirse was a Junior at Boston College studying mass media and communications according to her LinkedIn account.

“I am a Junior at Boston College with a passion for the study of mass media and communication. I seek a career where I can merge my studies with my interest in politics and contribute to the national dialogue on the issues that are most important to me through TV, radio, music, and film.”

Saoirse Kennedy Hill Mental Illness – Saoirse Kennedy Hill Suicide

While she was a student at Deerfield Academy she published an article in 2016 in the school’s newspaper, The Deerfield Scroll, titled, “Mental Illness at Deerfield” where she revealed that she suffered from depression and had once attempted suicide after someone she knew and loved “broke serious sexual boundaries” with her.

Here is the article in parts;

“When you were little, did you ever have friends your mom made you hang out with, even though you didn’t want to? Then those friends kept showing up, and you were confused and sick of them. Soon enough, those friends were around so much that you got used to them. Finally, those friends were always with you and never left, and you almost began to enjoy having them around.

Until last year, this was my relationship with my mental illness.

My depression took root in the beginning of my middle school years and will be with me for the rest of my life. Although I was mostly a happy child, I suffered bouts of deep sadness that felt like a heavy boulder on my chest. These bouts would come and go, but they did not outwardly affect me until I was a new sophomore at Deerfield”

She continued, “We all know that some people find winter at Deerfield lonely, dark, and long. I began isolating myself in my room, pulling away from my relationships, and giving up on schoolwork. During the last few weeks of spring term, my sadness surrounded me constantly. But that summer after my sophomore year, my friend depression rarely came around anymore, and I was thankful for her absence.

Two weeks before my junior year began, however, my friend came back and planned to stay. My sense of well-being was already compromised, and I totally lost it after someone I knew and loved broke serious sexual boundaries with me. I did the worst thing a victim can do, and I pretended it hadn’t happened. This all became too much, and I attempted to take my own life.”

Saoirse Kennedy Hill Death

Saoirse Kennedy on August 1, 2019 at one of the homes on the Kennedy Compound in Cape Cod. According to Hyannis News emergency radio traffic, police and rescue rushed to reports of an overdose inside the Kennedy Compound, at 28 Marchant Ave, at about 2:32 the afternoon.

One of the police officers on the scene reported the patient was in cardiac arrest as he also immediately requested a supervisor to the scene. She was rushed to Cape Cod Hospital, where was pronounced dead.

The family released a statement which said; “Our hearts are shattered by the loss of our beloved Saoirse. Her life was filled with hope, promise and love. She lit up our lives with her love, her peals of laughter and her generous spirit. We will love her and will miss her forever.”

Saoirse Kennedy Hill Cause of Death

Her cause of death is alleged to be drug overdose although an official statement has not been released yet.

Saoirse Kennedy Hill Instagram

Saoirse didn’t have an Instagram account.

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