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Sbahle Mpisane Biography

Sbahle Mpisane Bio

Sbahle Mpisane is a South African fitness and wellness motivator born in 1993. She is the founder of the personal training and bootcamp program FitnessBunnie. She was a contestant on reality show Tropika Island of Treasure. She is the daughter of wealthy Durban tycoon, Sbu Mpisane.

Age 25 years as of 2018; born on 18th June 1993
Education University of KwaZulu-Natal
Occupation Fitness and Wellness motivator
Parents S’bu Mpisane (father) and Shawn Mpisane (mother)
Siblings two sisters and a brother,  Andile Mpisane
Boyfriend Itumeleng Khune


Sbahle Mpisane Personal Trainer

Sbahle grew up battling insecurity about her body and in 2014 while at the University of KwaZulu -Natal she dedicated herself to fitness.

In 2017 she was named Glamour magazine’s Woman of the Year in the “health” category.

Sbahle Mpisane Husband

Sbahle Mpisane is in a relationship with Itumeleng Khune but they are not married.

“We are happy and satisfied and we are definitely going to get married. But I’m not trying to get married at 25‚ so there’s no rush.”

In June 2018 they both took to Instagram to compliment each other as it is both their birth month and anniversary date.

Earlier in the year during an interview Sbahle admitted that they took a break from their relationship due to scrutiny from fans and the media.

“I won’t comment much‚ but being in the spotlight because of our relationship did put a lot of pressure on our relationship. Sometimes just taking a break from people is a good thing because your (individual) opinion doesn’t matter anymore (when you are in the spotlight for a relationship).”

Sbahle said that even after breaking up they remained friends.

“We remained friends after the break up and would still have lunch sometimes. I always knew that I was going to go back to him. I love him – I was just waiting for him to beg me!”

Sbahle Mpisane Car

In June 2018 during her 24th birthday Sbahle received a brand new BMW 440i Cabriolet which ranges from R1.3-million to R1.6-million from her boyfriend Khune.

sbahle mpisane car
sbahle mpisane car

Sbahle Mpisane Car accident

On 9th August 2018 Sbahle Mpisane was involved in a car accident when her car hit a light pole and then crashed into a tree at the Yacht Mall near the Victoria Embankment.

According to Rescue Care paramedics Sbahle was critically injured.

“We don’t know the cause of the accident, it was a single vehicle involved, single occupant, a female in her 20s. She was entrapped in the vehicle, she critically injured, we placed her on a manual ventilator on the scene and then rushed her through to a nearby hospital for the treatment she needed.”

One of the first paramedics who arrived at the scene said that she was ‘barely breathing’ and both her arms were fractured and also had a broken leg.

Brian Dube, who is a personal trainer, said that he heard the sound of a car hit the tree and it caught fire. He quickly put out the fire with the help of another man.

“I just couldn’t watch her burn alive in that car. I couldn’t watch anyone die like that. It was around 4am and I was getting ready for my shift at the gym. I heard the sound of a car hitting the tree outside. I ran to the window and I saw the car upside down. I ran downstairs and I could see that the car was on fire. I grabbed a fire extinguisher from my building and with another man we managed to put the fire out.”

She was admitted at Netcare St Augustine’s Hospital and had been in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Six days after the car crash Sbahle opened her eyes.

Three weeks after the accident her father shared that she has made progress and had had her first solid meal.

“She’s rapidly progressing thanks to her medical team. She had her first meal yesterday and was fed by her granny who was so excited. It was a light meal of mash and gravy supplied by the hospital and the nursing sisters started feeding her and gogo couldn’t believe she was eating. She decided to take centre stage in feeding her. That alone gives us a clear indication that she’s recovering well considering the accident.”

Sbahle Mpisane Recovery Video

On 11th September people got a glimpse of Sbahle when her brother Andile Mpisane posted her video on his Instagram page celebrating her parent’s anniversary from her hospital bed.

“Hey guys today is the 11 of September, it’s my parent’s anniversary and we are very excited. And also I am sick today. Thank you guys all the fans for helping make me feel better, all the presents and everything else. And my sister for bringing me a present today. I love you guys, I love my parents so much and I love my brother for all the presents you brought for me. Thank you guys, thank you guys again,” she said.

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