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Seth Doane Bio

Seth Wiley Doane is an American media personality working as a CBS News foreign correspondent, based in Rome. In March 2020 he revealed that he had tested positive for COVID-19.

Seth Doane Age

Seth is 41 years old as of March 2020; he was born on June 26, 1978 in Harwich, Massachusetts, United States.

Seth Doane Husband – Seth Doane Gay

Seth Doane is openly gay and is married to Andrea Pastorelli since September 6, 2014. They got married at an outdoor wedding ceremony held at the Villa Rosa Badia Di Campoleone Ristorante & Relais in Italy.


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Birthday spritzes per Andrea…

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Seth Doane CBS

Seth joined CBS News as a national correspondent for domestic issues in August 2007. In 2008 he also served as a reporter on the effects of the economic recession in a series of stories about individual people and families called, The Other America.

In April 2013 he became the CBS News’ Asia correspondent in Beijing until March 2013. He has covered stories in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East for CBS News. He is currently the CBS News foreign correspondent based in Rome.

Prior to joining CBS he began his career in CNN in 2006 as a special video news correspondent for South Asia. He served CNN as New Delhi based correspondent until June 2007.

Seth Doane Coronavirus

On March 16, 2020 Seth revealed that he has been diagnosed with COVID-19. He is one of the six CBS News employees who have tested positive. He appeared on “CBS This Morning” on Monday where he described his symptoms, testing and coronavirus diagnosis, and his experience living under quarantine.

He said that his first symptom was a little cough while they were out covering the Coronavirus story. He however said that it’s been quite mild. He added that he has had “colds and flus worse than this.”

“I coughed a little bit, just enough to worry the people I was with here. We were out working covering this story. I started to have a little bit of a cough that worried me. For the most part, I feel okay. As we know, this is a deadly virus. It can be incredibly serious, a major respiratory illness. So far I’ve been lucky. I’ve had a chest pressure almost like you feel like you’ve done a big chest workout. I’ve had a little bit of a cough. I had a relatively mild fever. I’ve had kind of weird aches and pains in places I’m not used to. But honestly, I feel like I’ve had colds and flus worse than this. I’ve never been totally out for the whole day in bed. I’ve been up, able to talk with people. So for me, luckily, it’s been quite mild.”

He said that since testing positive he has taken quarantine seriously. He said he has not left the house even to take out the trash.

“But as soon as I learned I had been exposed to people who had tested positive, we have been in lockdown here inside the house. As you know, Italy has been locked down. People have been told they have to remain at home. Since I have had exposure to positive cases, I was absolutely not allowed to leave the house. I haven’t even left to take out the trash. In fact, our neighbors just brought some groceries to us and left them on the front doorstep. From the moment I learned that I was exposed to positive cases, we’ve taken this quarantine seriously, because you have to stop the spread.”

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The idea was to get some exercise…but the setting was just too distracting… 📷📷📷

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