Who is Sharonda Sampson – Zion Williamson Mom; Bio, Age, Husband, Nike


Sharonda Sampson Biography

Sharonda Sampson is the mother of Zion Williamson who is an American college basketballer who plays for the Duke Blue Devils of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). She is an athlete who ran track at Livingston College and coached Zion until he got to high school.

Sharonda Sampson Nationality

Sharonda is American by nationality.

Sharonda Sampson Track

Sharonda run track at Livingston College.

Sharonda Sampson Zion/ Zion Williamson Mother

Sharonda is the mother to basketball player Zion Williamson. She coached him until he joined high school. Sharon has said that Zion was always a talented basketballer but things changed after the growth spurt after ninth grade.

“Sometimes it doesn’t dawn on you as parents, but all the time, when he was growing up playing, he stood out among his peers. When you have elderly people come to watch and they don’t know who you are, and they’re saying this boy will be special and we’ll see him on TV, you start to think there may be something to this.”

In 2002 Sampson, a middle school health teacher in Greenville, moved her family to South Carolina from Salisbury shortly after her mother died.

Zion was enrolled in Spartanburg and during a game as a freshman, he fell and broke his wrist and doctors told the family to be careful about his return. X-rays showed that Williamson’s growth plate was open and he could grow another 5 inches.

Sharonda Sampson Husband

She was married to Lateef Williamson, who played football at North Carolina State, then eventually transferred to Livingstone State where he met Sharonda who ran track at Livingstone College. They separated and Sharonda got remarried to Lee Anderson, a former Clemson basketball player.

In 2017 during fathers day Zion took to Instagram to thank both his dad and step-dad in an Instagram post.

Sharonda Sampson Durham

After Zion choose Duke over a host of other finalists in 2018 his mother Sharonda complemented both Clemson and South Carolina. She, however, said neither Clemson nor South Carolina nor any other school was the second-place finisher in the process, proclaiming a four-way tie. And that’s not because he was afraid of hurting anyone’s feelings.

“They were very compelling, to stay in state, to possibly be a local hero in the state, was very compelling, and all that was taken into consideration, what you could do at that school, what you could be the first to do at that school. But as I told our children, you have to be happy in this life. You only get one and you only get to go down this journey one time, so you have to be happy. And I don’t want you doing anything for me, I don’t want you doing anything for the fans, I want you to do it for Zion.

The relationship was really close with all of (the coaches), but along the way, one thing I told Zion and I told my wife, ‘Let me tell y’all something. I don’t develop friendships. I don’t make relationships, because relationships you get close, and you get emotional, and then it causes problems when you try to make a decision. So I just keep it on a business level.’”

Sharonda Sampson Nike

Michael Avenatti who was arrested and is facing charges of trying to extort up to $25 million from Nike by threatening to publicize claims that the company authorized payments to the families of top high school basketball players accused Nike of bribing Zion Williamson’s mother, Sharonda Sampson.

Avenatti claimed that Nike paid Sharonda Sampson for “bogus consulting services” as part of its efforts to steer Zion toward Duke University’s Swoosh-sponsored athletic program.

Avenatti claimed that Nike made the payments sometime during Williamson’s recruitment. He went on to ask Duke’s “close friends @Nike to check their Nike Vendor Portal for payments to ‘Sharonda Sampson Consulting’ starting from 2016.

He claimed that Carlton DeBose, Nike executive bribed more than 100 other high school players to attend Nike-sponsored schools over the last four years.

“Nike’s most senior execs knew about it and looked the other way, as did many of the colleges. Nike also undertook large efforts to hide it from the NCAA & federal investigators. Some colleges lost out on some of the best high school recruits because of Nike’s bribes.”

Nike released a statement as a response to the allegation in a statement that read:

“Nike will not respond to the allegations of an individual facing federal charges of fraud and extortion and aid in his disgraceful attempts to distract from the athletes on the court at the height of the tournament. Nike will continue its cooperation with the government’s investigation into grassroots basketball and the related extortion case.”

Kevin White, Duke’s director of athletics in a statement said: “Every student-athlete at Duke is reviewed to ensure their eligibility. With regard to men’s basketball: all recruits and their families are thoroughly vetted by Duke in collaboration with the NCAA through the Eligibility Center’s amateurism certification process.”

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