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Shona Ferguson Biography

Aaron Ferguson who is popularly known as Shona Ferguson is a Botswana- South African based actor popularly known for his role in soapie Muvhango as Dr. Leabua. He is also the co owner of Ferguson Films.

Shona Ferguson Age

Shona Ferguson was born on April 30, although he has never made the year of birth public, his wife Connie Ferguson was born on 10th June 1970 and she is a few years older than him.

Shona Ferguson Career

Shona Ferguson was born and raised in Botswana, he began his career in Lesotho as a club Dj at ‘The Palace Hotel Night Club’ in 1992. He says that his career in acting was planned and he never thought he would be an actor.He says he enjoyed the making of the movies and the behind the scenes stuff. His wife, Shona, and step-daughter Lesedi encouraged him to try acting.

He auditioned for ‘Generations’ and he says after he played the part he thought he was terrible. He later auditioned for ‘Muvhango’ ‘there was a slight change for the better. Muvhango is the soapie that made me want to act.’

In 2003 Shona Ferguson registered Dragon Heart Promotions, a company he co-owns with his wife and business partner Connie.

Shona Ferguson Films

  1. 2010: Mrs Mandela
  2. 2013: Rockville
  3. 2016: The Queen
  4. Generations Season 1 as Ace
  5. Isidingo Season 1 as Tyson
  6. Muvhango Season 1 as Dr Leabua
  7. Rockville Season 1, 2,3 & 4 as JB Bogatsu
  8. Scandal! Season 1 as Alex
  9. The Queen Season 1 as Jerry Maake
  10. The Wild Season 1&2 as Itumeleng Tladi

Shona Ferguson Wife

In 2011 Shona Ferguson married Connie Ferguson who is also an actress.

During an interview with Destiny magazine Shona revealed how he met his wife Connie. He said that he was dropping a friend off mutual friends of her sister Lorato while on a visit to the city from his home in Botswana for a business course.

He asked for a glass of water and was about to leave when Connie came out of her room to say “hello”. “Hands down, it was love at first sight. She’d never admit, but. That’s how it was for me.” The couple were married traditionally two months later.

During an interview with ‘Drum’ magazine he said the secret to a good marriage was

“There is no trick to making a marriage work. We don’t focus too much on the outside because no one from the outside truly knows us.”

He also gushed about his wife saying

“She’s the most beautiful woman in the world. My wife is my biggest and best gift because it’s so easy to be with her. Even on the days she doesn’t like me or I don’t like her – and it happens in any relationship – she is everything to me.”

Shona Ferguson Children

Shona Ferguson and Connie has two children Lesedi,from Connie previous marriage, and Alicia Angel Ferguson.

Shona Ferguson Daughter

Shona Ferguson daughter Alicia Angel Ferguson plays piano and drums like a maestro.

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Shona Ferguson Tattoos

Shona Ferguson has many tattoos, his left arm is covered with tattoos. He says that they reflect his journey.His right arm has two dragons and his back has a cross with angels wings. He has one on his neck which actually is his first which he got when he was 16 years old. He has the face of his first child, Alicia, near the top of his left arm. He also has a rose with his wife’s name across it.

Shona Ferguson Parents

Shona Ferguson’s parents live in his home country Botswana.

Shona Ferguson Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million

Shona Ferguson Interview

What’s it like playing Alex in Scandal?

It’s the most exciting role I’ve ever played. Alex’s life is unpredictable and exciting. It’s an actor’s dream role: It has a long range and can go any way.

How is Alex similar to Shona?

Alex started off as a salesperson, and I was also in sales. He’s dedicated to his children and family, which is the same with me.

Do you hang out with the cast off set?

We all get along but never really get the chance to socialise off set.

Is there anyone who you are particularly close to?

Clint Brink (who plays Tino), because I knew him before joining Scandal!

Do you enjoy acting in soapies?

I love it. It’s different to films in that you can shoot one scene a day on a film, but with soapies you can sometimes shoot more than an episode a day. Every day you’re under pressure and the adrenaline gets pumping.

Why did you choose acting as a career?

If you had told me 10 years ago that I would be an actor, I would have laughed at you. It was not planned; I never wanted to act. It was something I did on the side, and never thought I would do it for a long time. Now, I’m hungry and passionate about my job.

What do you think about SA acting talent?

It’s brilliant. We have some of the most amazing actors in the world. What people don’t realise is the industry is very small. For an actor to make a living, they have to be in a soapie. There aren’t enough film or TV productions in a year, but there is a lot of talent. If you have some consistency, then you are blessed.

How did you get into acting after being in the IT and computer software business?

I’m a serious movie buff; I like the making of movies, the behind-the- scenes stuff. My wife Connie (Ferguson, who recently announced that she was leaving Generations in August after 16 years on the soapie) and step-daughter Lesedi found it strange that I liked watching such stuff seeing as I wasn’t an actor, and they encouraged me to give it a try.

My first audition was with Generations, and after I played the part, I thought I was terrible. When I auditioned for Muvhango, there was a slight change for the better. Muvhango is the soapie that made me want to act.

How many tattoos do you have, and when did you get your first one?

My left arm is fully covered with tattoos, my right arm has two dragons, and my back has a cross with angel wings. I have one on my neck, which is my first one. I got it when I was 16 years old.

Which is your favourite tattoo?

The tattoos on my left arm. They reflect my life journey, so they have relevance. When I had my first child, Alicia, I was very excited, and had to have her face tattooed near the top of my left arm. Then there’s a rose which has my wife’s name written across it.

What was it like growing up in your home country Botswana?

I was born and raised in Gaborone. It was extremely hot, and it was a small community. It wasn’t a case of everyone knowing each other, but they knew of each other.

Do you go back to Botswana often?

I often go back because my parents and siblings are still there, except for my little brother, who moved to Joburg last year. Connie’s parents are still in Botswana as well.

What’s it like being a father?

It’s amazing to me. When we are younger, we don’t understand why our parents made the sacrifices they made – until you become a parent yourself. It softens you up. I don’t stress about a lot of things, especially because I have two girls. It’s given me a lot of patience. Being a parent is one of the most difficult things in the world.

Has either of your daughters shown any interest in acting?

Both of them love singing. Alicia (7) loves singing and acting, but singing more than acting. She wants to sing at Disney World with Hannah Montana. Lesedi (17) is an amazing singer as well, and she can also act. They do show interest, but I only have one rule: They must do their best at school. They must get their degrees first and treat that as their number one priority before jumping into the industry.

What is married life like?

Marriage is bliss. It is a blessing that the Lord has given me – to be married to a sweet soul like Connie, who understands me and whom I understand has her own life. We are supportive of each other, have the same goals, and are family-orientated.

Do fans recognise you? How do they react to you?

Oh yeah, they do. That’s why we go to specific places, where we are regulars. It’s okay, unless we go outside Joburg – then it’s chaotic. When Connie is out by herself, it gets hectic. It’s actually better when she is with me, because people think I’m not approachable – probably because of my size. But once they get to know me, they
discover Shona is just a big teddy bear.

Will you ever go back to being a DJ?

When I was a DJ, I was using vinyls, and now I think they use CDs. I am detached from that life; I don’t go to parties anymore. I only know a song is popular when the kids are singing it. I think that time has passed.

You are good about tweeting ( Shona_Ferguson). Are you into other multimedia such as Facebook?

I’m not on Facebook, but I’ve been on Twitter since last year. It was very exciting in the beginning, then I went off it for a while. Now, I’m excited to be tweeting again. You get to interact with people on a different level. They get a glimpse of the person you are outside your character – it’s like adding a personal touch.

The problem I have with it is that everyone expects me say negative things, and if you don’t, people don’t find it interesting. I can’t be who I’m not; I can only be who I am when I tweet. I also have a website,, which has been up since last year. I administer it myself, and personally answer all fan mail that I get on the site. I once sat down for a couple of hours and answered 150 fan emails. I want to be accessible to my fans.

Source: w24 (May 2010)

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