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Stefano Gabbana Biography

Stefano Gabbana is a fashion designer born on 14th November 1962 in Milan, Lombardy, Italy. He is the co founder of the Dolce & Gabbana luxury fashion house along with Domenico Dolce.

His family is from Veneto: his father was born in Ceggia and his mother in Cessalto. His father worked in a printing factory and his mother was for a laundry service.

Stefano Gabbana Career

Stefano Gabbana graduated from the Istituto Superiore per le Industrie Artistiche, a design institute in Rome.In 1980 while Stefano was working for designer Giorgio Correggiari he met Sicilian Domenico Dolce who was also an employee there. In 1883 they both left Correggiari to work on their own.

In 1985 Stefano Gabbana and Dolce launched Dolce & Gabbana S.p.A. (D&G).In October 1985 the Dolce & Gabbana brand made its fashion show debut at Milano Collezioni’s Nuovi Talenti (New Talents).

In March 1986 they released their first D&G collection and held their first own show,’Real Women’. The first D&G store opened in Milan, at 7 Via Santa Cecilia in 1987.

In 1988 D&G formed a partnership with Dolce’s father, Saverio, who owned the manufacturing company Dolce Saverio in Legnano, near Milan.

In April 1989 they held their first fashion show in Tokyo and in April 1990 in New York. In July 1989 they released a new collection lines, including its first lingerie and beachwear line and its first menswear line in January 1990.

In November 1990 D&G opened its New York City showroom at 532 Broadway in SoHo, Manhattan.In October 1992 they released their first fragrance, Dolce & Gabbana Parfum.

They received worldwide recognition when Madonna chose D&G to design the costumes for her Girlie Show World Tour.They have also designed for Monica Bellucci, Kylie Minogue, Angelina Jolie and Isabella Rossellini.

Since the launch of their first line they have added other lines including ties, belts, handbags, sunglasses, watches and footwear.

In 2009, almost 25 years after D&G opened, the company had 113 stores and 21 factory outlets, a staff of 3,500 people and an annual turnover of more than €1 billion.

D&G have received numerous honours for their fashion and cultural contributions. In 1991 they received their first fashion award, the International Woolmark Prize.

In 1993 their Dolce & Gabbana Parfum was named the Best Fragrance of the Year.

In 2009 the City of Milan awarded them the Ambrogino Gold medal.

In 2014 Stefano Gabbana, Dolce and Luhrmann were honoured by the La Fondazione NY, a charity aimed at supporting young Italian and American artists at its third awards gala at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City.

Stefano Gabbana Tax Evasion

In 2013 Stefano Gabbana and Dolce were found guilty by an Italian court of failing to declare millions of euros of revenue earned through a D&G subsidiary company, Gado, based in Luxembourg. They were convicted of tax evasion and sentenced to a 20-month suspended sentence in prison. They denied the charges and appealed the case; in October 2014 they were both cleared of wrong doing by the appellate court.

Stefano Gabbana Controversies

In March 2015 during an interview Dolce referred to babies born through in vitro fertilization as “chemistry children and synthetic children”. Singer-song writer Elton John called for a boycott of the D&G brand after Dolce interview. This sparked a war of words, with Gabbana later calling John a “fascist” and calling for a counter-boycott. However, he later clarified that his views on IVF were separate from that of Dolce. When asked on CNN whether he supported IVF, he responded: “Yeah, I don’t have anything bad (to say), because the beauty of the world is freedom” and “We love gay couple. We are gay. We love gay couple. We love gay adoption. We love everything. It’s just an express of my private point of view.”

Stefano Gabbana Partner

Stefano Gabbana was in a relationship with Domenico Dolce since 1982 but they ended their long-time relationship in 2005.The pair still work together at D&G.

Stefano Gabbana Net Worth

As at March 2015 Stefano Gabbana had an estimated net worth of US$1.56 billion, according to Forbes, he was the 28th richest person in Italy.

Stefano Gabbana slams Selena Gomez as ‘Ugly’

On Monday (11th June 2018) The Catwalk Italia posted a photo collage of Selena Gomez wearing red dresses asking followers to pick their favorite, Gabbana commented “è proprio brutta” which  translates to “she’s so ugly.”

#selenagomez rocks red dresses ❤️ Choose your fave: 1,2,3,4 or 5?

A post shared by The Catwalk Italia – TCI (@thecatwalkitalia) on

Many people came to Selena’s defense, here are some of the comments.

“The only thing ugly I see here is your personality,” wrote one person

“You’re tired and over. Your homophobic, misogynistic, body-shaming existence will not thrive in 2018. It is no longer tolerable or chic. Please take many seats.” wrote Tommy Dorfman who is a 13 Reasons Why star.

Julia Michaels, a musician tweeted, “Just here to tell you that you are one of the most beautiful women I know, inside and out. I love you always.”

Miley Cyrus commented under the photo, “Well what that dick head said if it’s true is f***ing false and total bulls**t, She’s fine as f***.”

According to Yahoo! he has been posting screenshots of his original comment, writing “MY NAME IS SELENA!!! #saysorrytome. 😂😂😂😂😂.”

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