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Sydney Mesher Biography

Sydney Mesher is a New York-based dancer and model who was born with one hand. She is the first Radio City Rockette with a visible disability. She is missing her left hand due to symbrachydactyly, a rare congenital condition that causes the underdevelopment of limbs in the womb.

Sydney Mesher Age

Mesher is 22 years old as of 2019.

Sydney Mesher Height

Sydney stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches.

Sydney Mesher Parents

Sydney was born to Lynn and Page Mesher.

Sydney Mesher Education

Mesher graduated from Pace University with BFA in Commercial Dance.

Sydney Mesher One Hand – Sydney Mesher Symbrachydactyly

Sydney was born with a rare genetic condition, symbrachydactyly (a rare condition that causes the underdevelopment of limbs in the womb) and doesn’t have a left hand. Her parents told ESPN that they discovered that Sydney would be born without a left hand when her mother had a routine ultrasound at 23 weeks. Her mother revealed that her first thought after the news was that her child wouldn’t be able to wear a wedding ring.

“I took my wedding ring off my left hand and put it on my right hand. And a power greater than myself opened my mouth. And I said, ‘It doesn’t matter. If this is a girl, she’s going to grow up seeing that her dad wears his wedding ring on his right hand, and she’ll do it just like him.’ ” Her father said.

Once Mesher was old enough together with her family they worked with the Shriners Hospital for Children in Portland, Oregon, to have a prosthetic hand made. But she quickly abandoned the prosthetic because she found it kinesthetically more challenging and kids at school called her “the girl with the fake hand.”

Sydney Mesher Dancer

As a dancer Sydney has performed and worked with various artists and brands. She has trained and worked with many choreographers, including Candace Brown, Martha Nichols, Willdabeast Adams, Janelle Ginestra, Tony Testa, Rhonda Miller, Karen Keeler, Liz Imperio, Alexandra Damiani, Bo Park, Laura Haney, Sean McKnight, and Jessica Hendricks.

She has performed for Kpop Group, BTS Official, in their Love Yourself World Tour at Citi Field, danced for Jordan Fisher at an intimate concert in LA, and performed in Candace Brown’s New York show, the Soul Spot.

Sydney Mesher Modelling

As a model she has modeled for Hollister’s Gilly Hicks 2019 Holiday Campaign, stars in a Core Hydration Commerical series and ad campaign, is featured in a Real Life Strong segment of Health Magazine, and appeared in the “Smartphone User’s Guide to Etiquette,” which was released by Refinery 21.

Sydney Mesher Radio City Rockettes

Mesher made Radio City Rockettes history when he was hired as the first person with a visible disability. As soon as she graduated she was signed up by the Rockettes.

Mesher says that it is a dream come true for her and that all the hard work is all worth it as they rehearse six days a week with two to four 90-minute shows a day.

During an interview with ESPN she said that she doesn’t consider her disability as a challenge but she needs to be in Rockette to let others have that opportunity.

“Being a Rockette, and being a Rockette with one hand — I am groundbreaking in that sense. So even though I don’t consider my disability to be that challenging, I need to be in this position to let others have that opportunity.”

Rockettes creative director Karen Keeler called Mesher “an incredibly versatile dancer with a strong work ethic.”

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