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Taylor Tomlinson Biography

Taylor Elyse Tomlinson is an American comedian. She has her own Netflix special, Quarter-Life Crisis, which premiered in March 2020.

Taylor Tomlinson Age

Taylor was born on November 4, 1993 in Orange County, California, U.S.

Taylor Tomlinson Height

Taylor’s height is unknown.

Taylor Tomlinson Family – Taylor Tomlinson Parents

Taylor is the daughter of Angela Browning Tomlinson and Eric Tomlinson. During a podcast, she revealed that her mother got pregnant with her while still in college. The couple got married while still in college but Angela didn’t finish college because she was pregnant with Taylor. Her mother passed away on August 14, 2002.

After the death of her mother, her father remarried Serina Ortiz in 2003.

Taylor Tomlinson Dad

During an interview with Forbes she said that at the age of 16, her father made her take a stand-up comedy class with him so that they can bond before she went to college. Since she grew up in a religious household, the comedy class was taught by a Christian comedian who would perform at churches. She alleges that she showed potential in class and her teacher had her open for him at shows for the next two years.

Taylor Tomlinson Fiance – Taylor Tomlinson Boyfriend

Taylor doesn’t have a fiance but she is in a relationship with fellow comedian Sam Morril.


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She was previously in a relationship with Kyle Ka, who is the founder of Don’t Tell Comedy. The couple broke up in September 2019 with Taylor tweeting about it.

Taylor Tomlinson Comedian

Taylor began her career in comedy at the age of 16 when she got a stand up comedy class from a Christian comedian and even opened shows for him. She performed in churches and on other religious shows.

As she grew older she says she outgrew the church-based comedy and slowly phased out the church base.

“If you’re going to work in churches, you have to stay very clean and really careful for the rest of your career. Otherwise, you know, a swear word could end it for you. I wanted to talk about things in my comedy that would be too dark for church.”

At the age of 20 she began getting booked to perform at colleges and she quit her day job to concentrate on performing. While on the road performing at colleges, she was selected to be on Last Comic Standing.

In 2019 she told Forbes that it was the year she decided to just a comedian as she had contemplated going back to school.

Every year I think this could be the year it comes crashing down. This is the year I realize I’m not that good. This is the year I’m going to have to go back to school. But this year was the first year that I really felt I just get to be a comedian. I am a comedian now. It’s funny to say that it took that long, but it really did.”

Taylor Tomlinson Net worth

Her net worth is under review.

Taylor Tomlinson: Quarter-life Crisis – Taylor Tomlinson Netflix

In March 2020 her special, Quarter-Life Crisis, premiered on Netflix. She takes aim at her life choices as she’s halfway through her 20s – and she’s over it. Too old to party, too young to settle down.


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At least we don’t have to go to any destination weddings for a while! 👰 Stay home and watch Quarter-Life Crisis on @netflixisajoke

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