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Thembisa Mdoda Biography

Thembisa Mdoda Bio

Thembisa Mdoda is a South African actress and award-winning presenter born on 16th November 1982 in South Africa. She is best known for hosting ‘Our Perfect Wedding’ season 6 on Mzansi Magic DStv. She won the Golden Horn Award for Most Popular TV Presenter.

Thembisa Mdoda Age

36 years old as of 2018; born on 16th November 1982

Thembisa Mdoda Sisters

Unathi Mdoda, Anele Mdoda, and Zamalisa Mdoda

Thembisa Mdoda Children

Twin Boys; Lonwabo and Lonwabile

Thembisa Mdoda Husband

Atandwa Kani (separated in 2016)


Thembisa Mdoda Career

Thembisa began her career as a newsreader for Wits radio. She later joined 94.7 Highveld Stereo as a host of Highveld After Dark, airing on weekdays from 0100hr-0400hr. She was the presenter of ‘Our Perfect Wedding’ season 6 and 7.

Thembisa is also an actress having appeared as a guest on the romance anthology series Mzansi Love in 2013, in the episode entitled “Colour Blind” (Season 2, Episode 5). She earned her first major recurring role as Thabisile Cebekhulu in the Mzansi Magic telenovela The Road. Her character is the make-up artist and resident gossip at Bambhata Productions.

Thembisa Mdoda Movies

  1. 2018: Baby Mamas as Sandy
  2. 2018: Unmarried as Thembi
  3. The Road
  4. 2013: Mzansi Love as Thabie
  5. The Road as Thabisile Cebekhulu
  6. sES’Top La as Anne

Thembisa Mdoda Mother

Thembisa lost her mother to pancreatic cancer after the doctors didn’t detect the cancer until two weeks prior to her death.

‘When I saw my mom lying in hospital something inside me just died, I knew we were going to lose her. It was difficult for us because my mom was in and out of the hospital while we were away trying to establish our careers.’

She also said that after the death of her mother life didn’t favor her until 2015 when she decided to stop grieving and become emotionally open.

‘I realize in hindsight that the day I decided to stop grieving was the day I became emotionally open to change and things started improving. The greatest thing my dad taught us was that we could survive anything as a unit’

Thembisa Mdoda Sisters

Thembisa has three sisters Unathi, Anele and Zamalisa. During an interview with people magazine South Africa she had this to say about her sisters:

“Unathi is the oldest and is our voice of reason and the cornerstone of our home. She puts us first, sometimes at the expense of her own happiness. I admire how selfless she is. Anele is a firecracker and a go-getter. I admire how in tune she is with herself and her surroundings. You can’t shake her. Most of all she is loving and giving, and incredibly strong. She’s the ‘leave her/him to me’ sister. Also she pushes us all to be independent and fighters. So much like our mom. Zamalisa is our baby but she would take on all our burdens if she could. She is sharp yet sensitive but doesn’t take nonsense either. She is a dreamer and I love that about her. The world is her oyster. She is an amalgamation of every one of us.”

Thembisa Mdoda Sons

Thembisa has two sons; twins Lonwabo and Lonwabile born on 26th February 2019.


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‪26/02/2012. At 13:00 and 13:02. We welcomed two identical premature babies into the world. Their dad held my hand in one hand, and a camera in the other. They were so tall and lanky. So beautiful and didn’t cry immediately. We (family&friends) named them, Lonwabo and Lonwabile. Tamkhulu gave them, Lwanda and Lwandile. Today, they turn 7. My miracle babies. My biggest privilege. My purpose. Oh, the HAPPINESS they bring❤️. The apples of my eye. The Mdoda princes. Loved and protected for a lifetime. I mean, have you met @unathikitty @zintathu @zamedyzamzam, and our Mampha 👏🏾📌🙏🏽😍💅🏽. Happy Birthday Lonwabo no Lonwabile. You walk with angels and stand on top of giants ♥️🙏🏽😭😭😭😭😭😭. I adore you !!!‬

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Thembisa Mdoda Husband

Thembisa was married to Atandwa Kani but they separated in 2016 after it was revealed that Atandwa was not the father of Thembisa’s twins. The two met in their first year of university at Wits and became friends who studied together.

During an interview with Anele Mdoda in 2017, Thembisa said that the two went through ‘all those teething things in trying to make this career, in trying to find out where we belong in this dramatic thing’.

Thembisa also said that when problems arose in their relationship there was no question of if they loved each other because they did but the conflict was caused by trying to keep up with the change and the question of who would compromise and follow the other.

“I remember the first two years of varsity, I was Atandwa’s girlfriend, and then I grew into an actress, and I stopped being that person. In my mind, there was a change, there was a shift, and I think in all my life that I’ve known Atandwa, I think there’s always a shift and a change and a gear, but someone was always one step behind.”

She also said that they were both poor in communication and it was always emotional and drama.

During the first episode of ‘Our Perfect Wedding’ stories began circulating that Atandwa was not the father of her twins. Thembisa claimed that it was Atandwa’s family that leaked the story as they had been planning to do it for long.

Atandwa at the time took to Facebook where he accused Thembisa of cheating and physical abuse.

Thembisa revealed during the interview that they have both apologized to each other and that she doesn’t care what the rest of the world thinks.

“I don’t think we’ve stopped apologizing to each other. I don’t care what the rest of the world thinks now, and I would hope he doesn’t care either… We’ve sat down, we’ve spoken about it. He needed to hear it from me for all those years why I was closed up, why I was blocked. We’ve had to go back and do it step by step. I’ve had to take a lot of responsibility because a lot of what happened it’s me just not giving him the chance to be the husband.”

Thembisa Mdoda Engagement

It is alleged that Thembisa is after she was spotted wearing an engagement ring but has refused to reveal if the rumors are true. During an interview with her sister Anele ob Real Talk with Anele, she evaded the question on whether she is engaged or not.

Thembisa Mdoda Fiance

Thembisa once admitted that she had someone special in her life although she never gave out the details. It seems like she met the special person on the show ‘Our Perfect Wedding’ as during the Mzansi Viewers’ Choice Awards during her acceptance speech she said: “Thank you to the love of my life who I met on the show. Thank you, baby.”

Later during an interview with the Sowetan, she said: “It’s the most cliched thing you will ever hear. I found love on Our Perfect Wedding. We are happy and planning a future together. It’s a beautiful thing. He’s a great guy. For me to find someone in the space that I work in and who I totally fell in love with is amazing.”

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