Who Is Tom Holland Girlfriend? Olivia Bolton Wiki, Bio, Age, Sister (Grace Bolton), Instagram


Olivia Bolton Biography

Olivia Bolton is the mystery woman photographer with actor Tom Holand on July 15, 2019 around London’s Hyde Park double-fisting beers and what appeared to be water cups. According to TMZ, the two attended The Black Eyed Peas and Robbie Williams concert together.

Olivia Bolton Age

Olivia is 23 years old; she was born in 1996.

Olivia Bolton Career

There are no available details regarding Olivia or what she does for a living. She was however mistaken with another Olivia Bolton who is a Marketing and Communications Coordinator based in Wisconsin who is already in a long-term relationship and has no connection with Holland.

Tom Holland and Olivia Bolton – Tom Holland Mystery Woman

On July 15, 2019 Tom was spotted enjoying drinks with a blonde, who was later identified as Olivia Bolton, at the British Summer Time in Hyde Park. They both were wearing black T-shirts and black pants.

They reportedly attended The Black Eyed Peas concert together and during a break from the concert they were photographed getting drinks together. They occasionally held hand and ay one time Olivia touched Holland’s butt.

TMZ reported that Tom Holland “was spotted Sunday hanging out with a mystery chick at British Summer Time Hyde Park Festival in London, where the pair could be seen double-fisting beers and what appeared to be water cups as they went off to watch music acts.

We’re told Tom and his lady friend were spotted watching The Black Eyed Peas and Robbie Williams at different points. Based on what we see here, things seem pretty romantic between ’em.

The woman is definitely rocking a Gwen Stacy vibe, and was pretty handsy with Tommy boy … putting her arm around his waist, and even giving him a pat on the booty. As they strolled along, they got closer and closer — practically linking arms.”

Tom Holand Girlfriend 2019

It was alleged that Olivia was Tom Holland’s new girlfriend while others alleged she is his cousin. We can’t clarify if they are actually dating or they are related.

In June 2019 during an interview with Elle magazine, Tom said he was “definitely a relationship person” but added that at the time he was dating no one. He also added that he wasn’t the fleeting type, “I’m not the fleeting type at all; it’s not my way of life.”

Tom was previously alleged to be dating his on-screen girlfriend Zendaya. Their relationship was confirmed by the actress Skai Jackson’s mother named ‘Kiya Cole’ when she replied to one of the comments of the Zendaya’s 22nd birthday Instagram post that Zendaya and Holland were together. Holland, however, disputed the rumours and clarified that the two were not dating.

Tom Holand Cousin

Some internet users allege that Olivia is Tom Holand’s cousin after old photographs of Tom Holland with his brothers and other kids, Olivia Bolton is one of the kids, was discovered. The photo indicated that Bolton has known the Holland brothers for years.


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Olivia Bolton Sister (Grace Bolton)

Olivia has a sister known as Grace Bolton who is a student at Cardiff University in the UK where she is studying Biochemistry.

Olivia Bolton Instagram

Olivia allegedly had two Instagram accounts and both pages are followed by Tom and his brothers, Sam and Harry. Since the photos of her and Tom emerged she has deleted one Instagram account and switched the other to private.

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