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Trae Romano Biography

Trae Romano stars as s Mike Dugan in the American on Star Girl. He made his television debut by starring in the pilot episode of “Robbie,” and was being cast alongside Beau Bridges as a surreal experience.

Of all the characters he has played none has so far booked connect with Trae so much as Mike Dugan in “Stargirl.”He first auditioned for the role of Mike Dugan in the show but soon forgot after months of no callback.

During his auditions he felt very much attached to his character after reading the script as he found too much of a similarity between them that he does not feel like he is acting at all.

Prior to him getting his role he had never read any Stargirl comic and only came to learn of the Mike character during his audition. For this reason, he had to do thorough research by reading the comic books before filming started to ensure he portrayed an authentic character.

Luke Wilson took him out to play basketball so that they could bond. Trae felt an instant connection with Luke the minute they met on set. It has been said that although Superman and Batman are the most popular DC comic book characters, Superman is the most recognizable. Trae however, is not interested in what the majority thinks of the characters because, for him, Batman remains to be a legend that can never be beaten. Therefore he must enjoy loads of films and shows about the character. Other fans share his love for Batman since, according to Vulture, most of the movies about the character make it to the top 30 of the best DC comic movies.

Trae Romano Age|Birthday

Born on May 2, 2005 Trae is 15 years old as of early 2020. He celebrates his birthday annually on May 2 and will turn 16 on his birthday in 2021.

Trae Romano Height

Trae is a teenager and is still growing, as such he is bound to constantly grow and his height to constantly change. Judging from his pictures he stands at a fair height. We are keeping close tabs on Trae and we will constantly keep updating his height and other body measurements as he grows.

Trae Romano Parents

Trae despite being a fast-rising star has managed to keep information regarding his personal life away from the public eye. It is not known who his parents and siblings are. All that is known is that His parents knew he would be an actor.

Trae Romano Star Girl

Romano stars as s Mike Dugan in the American on Star Girl. Mike Dugan is a character in The CW and DC Universe series Stargirl. Mike is the overly-charming offspring of Pat and the unctuous new step-relative to household newcomers Barbara and Courtney Whitmore.

He is a young boy with thick brown hair, light brown eyes, tanned skin, and a slim build. He wears relaxed and casual graphic t-shirts with jeans. He is shorter than Courtney.

Trae Romano Salary

Details regarding how much Rae is paid per episode is still under investigation. However judging from statistics. The average salary for child/teen actors is also very hard to pinpoint as it can range anywhere from ~$50 – $100 per hour if you’re a background extra on a popular show, to upward of $100,000 per episode for Miranda Cosgrove for her role on Nickelodeon’s hit TV show “ICarly”.

We can estimate his salary by using these figures.

Trae Romano Wikipedia

As of May 2020, there is no written Wikipedia information about Trae Romano

Trae Romano Networth

Trae’s Networth is estimated at Five figures.

Trae Romano Instagram


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