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Trisha Meili (The Central Park Jogger) Biography

Trisha Meili was the woman who was known as the Central Park Jogger” revealing her identity publicly in 2003. On April 19, 1989 at the age of 28 Meli went on a run in Central Park where she was raped and left for dead. The doctors at the Metropolitan Hospital didn’t expect her to wake up but miraculously after 12 days in a coma, she woke up.

Trisha Meili Husband

Trisha married her husband Jim Schwartz in 1996. The two met through a set-up in 1995. During an interview with the New York Times she said;

“A woman I had gone to college with knew him. I told her, ‘Do me a favor, don’t tell him my history. That’s my story and I want to be able to tell it if I want to.’”

Trisha Meili Rapist/ Who Raped Trisha Meili

At the age of 28 on April 19, 1989, Meili went on a run in Central Park after a 12-hour work day working at the Wall Street investment bank Salomon Brothers. At the time running was part of her daily routine.

She was found hours later by two men naked and, bound and gagged in a ravine in the 102nd Street Transverse, a wooded area in the northern section of the park. She had been severely beaten and her eye socket was crushed, and she had skull fractures. Doctors at the Metropolitan Hospital didn’t expect her to survive and told her family that if she awoke, she would be a vegetable.

Meili miraculously woke up after 12 days in a coma although she did not remember anything from the attack.

Trisha Meili Injuries

After the incidence, Trisha lost her sense of smell, experiences double vision, has facial scarring and struggles with balance. Three months after the attack she joined the Achilles Track Club, a running group for disabled runners. In 1995, she ran the New York Marathon.

Trisha Meili On Wrongful Conviction

While Meili was in a coma a case was built against five Harlem boys of colour, Raymond Santana, Kevin Richardson, Antron McCray, Yusef Salaam, and Kharey Wise (aged 14 to 16), who had been in Central Park that evening with a group of 30 to 40 other teens.

Through the trials, the defendants maintained their innocence but were sentenced to between seven and 13 years in prison. However, there was no DNA evidence linking them to Meili’s attack. Many believe the police built a case against the boys through coerced confessions.

Twelve years later all the defendants were vindicated. In December 2012 after a lengthy investigation into the convictions, then-Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau recommended that all charges against the Central Park Five be thrown out. Later that month, a judge set aside the verdicts.

In his ruling, State Supreme Court Justice Charles J. Tejada said Reyes’ confession, corroborated by his DNA match from the crime scene, created “the probability that … the verdict would have been more favorable to the defendants.”

Tejada did allow for a new trial against the Central Park Five, but the district attorney’s office instead decided to dismiss the original indictments.

Richardson, McCray, Salaam, Santana and Wise had already completed their sentences before their convictions were vacated.

In 2014, the Central Park Five settled a civil lawsuit against the city for $41 million.

Trisha Meili Rapist/ Who Raped Trisha Meili

In 2002 after the defendants had served most of their sentences, Matias Reyes, a convicted sex offender serving a life sentence in prison, confessed to the crime. Reyes had carried out a series of violent rapes that summer, including one in Central Park a few days before Meili’s attack. His DNA matched the DNA at the crime scene.

After the confession, the NYPD and Manhattan District Attorney’s Office began separate reinvestigations of the Central Park jogger case. Reyes could not be tried in the case because the statute of limitations had expired.

In 2018 documents and recordings related to the investigation were released including a recording of Reyes speaking with authorities from 2002.

During the interview, Reyes tells a senior investigator with the Department of Corrections Inspector General’s office that he changed his life while serving time and had found Jesus, which ultimately lead him to confess. He says he knew Wise, who was serving his sentence in the same prison, and four others were convicted in the case but feared what would happen if he came forward: “There was a thing in the back of my head that was saying, ‘You don’t know what this kid has gone through in twelve years of his life.’ ”

Police and prosecutors involved in the case however believes that Reyes made the confession after Wise approached him and told him to take responsibility for the attack. One cop involved in the case told the Daily News he and other detectives believe Wise and the rest of the Central Park Five attacked Meili and Reyes later came upon her and raped her.

The Time magazine also reported that in 2002 Linda Fairstein, the prosecutor who led the district attorney’s sex crimes office during the case had a similar theory. She insisted that Reyes’ DNA evidence “does not exonerate the other five, who by their own admissions participated in her attack by holding her down and striking her to the ground.”

Trisha Meili Memoir

Trisha published her memoir “I Am the Central Park Jogger: A Story of Hope and Possibility” in 2003 at the age of 42 under her own name. She told the New York Times that she hoped her book would share an inspiring story of resilience: “I thought this would be a good time to say, ‘Hey, look. It’s been 20 years, and life doesn’t end after brain injury, after sexual assault or whatever our challenges are.’

Trisha Meili Today/ Trisha Meili Now

After the incidence, Trisha returned to her job at Salomon Brothers in an administrative capacity but she left the job in 1998.

Trisha now speaks to groups about her journey of healing. She also works with survivors of sexual assault at Mount Sinai Hospital and Gaylord Hospital, where she did her recovery.

Trisha Meili When They See Us

Trisha’s story is the centre of the Netflix film ‘When They See Us’. The series focuses on the five teenagers, Trisha Meili is an essential part of the real events.

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