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Bridget McCain Biography, Age, Father (John McCain), Cleft Palate, Mother (Cindy McCain), Siblings

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Bridget McCain Biography

Roberta McCain Bio

Bridget McCain is the adopted daughter of the late senator John McCain who was born on 21st July 1991 in Bangladesh. She was born with a cleft palate.  John and Cindy McCain adopted her from an orphanage in Bangladesh from the Sisters of Charity of Mother Teresa Children’s Home, where nuns and foreign workers care for the children.

Bridget McCain Age 27 years as of 2018; born on 21st July 1991
Bridget McCain Education  Arizona State University Tempe campus
Bridget McCain Parents John McCain, Cindy McCain
Bridget McCain Siblings Meghan McCain, James McCain, Andrew McCain, John Sidney McCain IV, Sidney McCain, Douglas McCain


During an interveiw John said that it was his wife Cindy who made the decision to adopt Bridget.

“It was primarily my wife’s Cindy’s idea. She was in Bangladesh and she and some of the medical personnel visited Mother Theresa’s orphanage to try and help the children there. There were two little baby girls there. One had a heart problem the other a severe cleft palate. Cindy was very concerned about their ability to survive and their need for medical treatment, so she decided to bring them here for medical treatment. She fell in love with both of them. We decided to adopt Bridget. Two close friends of ours, adopted Mickey, the other child.”

“I was working in Dhaka, and a friend of mine from Arizona had said to me, Look, while you’re there, do me a favor. Mother Teresa has an orphanage in Dhaka. Would you mind seeing if they need any help? And I said, Sure. We finally found the orphanage, and we saw 150 newborns on one floor. And a lot of them were sick. And the nuns said, [This little girl with a cleft palate]—can’t you take her and get her medical help? And I thought, well, sure I can, I can do that.” Cindy revealed on how she met bridget.

In 2000 when John was on his campaign trail Bridget joined them.

John McCain Funeral

On 30th August during the memorial service of senator John McCain at North Phoenix Baptist Church Bridget read from Chapter 3 of Ecclesiastes. The verse alludes to the cyclical nature of life:

“There is an appointed time for everything, and a time for every affair under the heavens. A time to give birth, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to uproot the plant.”

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