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Heather Storm Biography, Age, Garage Squad, Husband, Net Worth

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Heather Storm Biography

Heather Storm Bio

Heather Storm (birth name; Danielle Trotta) is an American reality TV host and actress born on 13th June 1962 in West Chester, Pennsylvania. She is a co-host of Garage Squad on Velocity Network.

Heather Storm Age 56 years as of 2018
Heather Storm Birthday/ Birthdate 13th June 1962
Heather Storm Parents  Dan Trotta, a DIY maverick, and Phyllis Trotta.
Heather Storm Husband Unknown
Heather Storm Education Degree in Environmental Science
Heather Storm Net worth $1.8 million


Heather is an environmentalist and promotes sustainable tourism. She is the founder of the eco-event Company, Black Lab, eco-friendly company that produces standard cocktails and different kind of juices and drinks. She is also an advocate for sustainable tourism and marine conservation.

She designed “Eco Conscious” toolkits for the Caribbean Hotel Association . She also assisted with protecting the queen conch population around the Turks & Caicos Islands, she is a  SCUBA Rescue Diver.

Heather is the producer and host of  ‘The Mix Down’ on Complex Tv. In the show Heather shares unique cocktail recipes. She was a recurring mixologist on the Playboy Morning Show. She has also worked as a sports reporter for ‘My Combat Channel’.

Heather Storm Acting

Heather Storm is also an actress who made her acting debut in an American Action, Adventure, Comedy movie, ‘No Bad Days’. She later appeared in short drama movie ‘Nightingale’. She has also appeared in MANswers, No Bad Days, Paku Kuntilanak, Surviving Disasters, Rush Hour 3, Nail Demon

Heather Storm Garage Squad

Heather Storm is a co-host of TV Series Garage Squad alongside Bruno Massel, National Hot Rod Assosiation driver and Joe Zolper, a mechanic. The show basically accepts ruined or useless vehicles from the public and the team Squad fix the car adding extra features and new looks to the car and return to its owner. The show has so far reached its fifth season.

Heather Storm Website/ Heather Storm Blog

Heather loves travelling and she normally shares her experiences in her site, heatherstorm.com. Her intentions are to promote ecotourism. She has traveled to over 20 countries worldwide.

Heather Storm Twitter

Heather Storm Instagram

Storm Heather Interview

Storm Heather is the sole female host on Velocity Network’s hit series Garage Squad, a reality show that finds Storm and her cohorts restoring project cars across Chicago.

“I grew up in Montana, so working on cars wasn’t that different for me. I helped my dad with his car my whole life,” says Storm. “When Garage Squad came around I had already worked as a host on a few car and sports shows, so when they asked for a woman who wasn’t afraid to get dirty and work under a car, I knew I could do it. It’s so much fun.”

With a degree in environmental science, a gig as a recurring guest mixologist on The Playboy Morning Show, an upcoming recipe book, and a documentary about food in the works, Storm is certainly full of surprises.

“I never really know what’s going to come my way, which is a lot of fun,” says Storm. “I’m hoping the future will provide even more adventure! I’d love to do a travel show. Get dirty in a different way.”

What is your worst habit?

I tend to fiddle with my fingers a lot. I used to bit my nails and now I just kind of pick, which is still a pretty bad habit. I try to get manicures if I can, because if I don’t I’ll definitely pick.

What is your dream car?

Oh god. You’d think this would be easy for me since we work on so many! There was a Porsche 356 that we worked on that I really loved. I think I’d get it in white, it’s such a class colour. A white convertible.

What is your favourite show of all time?

Seinfeld. Love that show, it never gets old.

What is your hidden talent?

Oh! I can memorize things really quickly. I don’t have the full extent of a photographic memory, but it’s still a visual thing for me. If I see it on the page, I can remember it pretty well.

What is your pet peeve?

Really loud talkers. Especially in an inappropriate place.

What makes you laugh?

Things that are funny? Irony makes me laugh. So many ironic things in the world.

What is your best Garage Squad memory?

Best is definitely when Bruno [Massel] and I raced on the show and I won. It’s amazing because he’s like a 3-time drag racing champion and I totally beat him! The look of disappointment on his face was just so real, and I was so happy.

What is your worst Garage Squad memory?

I was working on an engine on one of the coldest days of the year and my hands were totally frozen. I hit my hand on a piece of the engine and just because they were so cold it hurt so bad! Just thinking about it makes my hand hurt again.

Source: Sharp magazine

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