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Victor Valdovinos Bio/ Who is Victor Valdovinos

Victor Valdovinos is one of the several men who has accused director Bryan Singer of sexual abuse. Victor alleges that Singer molested him on the set of the film Apt Pupil when he was just 13. Valdovinos said that after Singer asked him to strip and wear nothing but a towel he reached through it “grabbed [his] genitals and started masturbating it” and “rubbed his front part” on him.

victor valdovinos actor photo when he was 17 years old
victor valdovinos actor photo when he was 17 years old

Victor Valdovins Bryan Singer / Bryan Singer Accuser

According to an article published by ‘The Atlantic’, in the spring of 1997, when Victor Valdovinos was in seventh grade, he showed up in school and there was a big budget film production under was and there were tractor trailers, mobile dressing rooms, and people with walkie-talkies. The movie was Apt Pupil which was Singer’s first project after his breakthrough, ‘The Usual Suspects’.

The filming took place at Eliot Middle School in Altadena, northeast of Los Angeles where Valdovinos was a student. He claimed that one late afternoon after basketball practice he was in the restroom when he felt a presence behind – it was Bryan Singer. He says he had him say: “You’re so good-looking. What are you doing tomorrow? Maybe I could have somebody contact you about putting you in this movie.”

Valdovinos was cast as an extra and he said that one afternoon after his father dropped him he was directed to the locker room and the shooting was about to begin. He said he was given a towel by one of the cast members and was asked to disrobe completely and wrap the towel around his waist.

He claims Singer came in and directed him to sit on one of the locker-room benches in a towel, with no shirt and no clothes on

“I’m hanging out, all of a sudden, Bryan comes in. He goes, ‘Hey! How are you?’ Real cheerful. And I’m like, ‘Hi.’ I can’t remember his exact words, but he was kind of just saying ‘Come back here.’ He kind of directs me; he kind of grabs me; and he takes us to the back area, which was kind of closed off. Like, this is the whole locker room”—Valdovinos gestures to suggest the space—“they’re doing their stuff over there, and I was back here, in the towel, with no shirt and no clothes on, sitting on one of the locker-room benches. Bryan’s like, ‘Just hang out here. It’s going to be all day. Don’t worry.”

He claimed that Singer went back to him and made small talk and he would always touch his chest and then he finally reached through his towel flaps and grabbed his towel and began to masturbate and also rubbed his front part on Valdovinos.

“Every time he had a chance—three times—he would go back there … He was always touching my chest… grabbed my genitals and started masturbating it.”

Valdovinos claims that singer did it while smiling and told him “You’re so good-looking … I really want to work with you … I have a nice Ferrari … I’m going to take care of you.”

Valdovinos says that he was left speechless and that Singer kept going back to the locker room to molest him. Singer’s lawyer said there were no records of Valdovinos being an extra and even questioned why Valdovinos didn’t produce a pay stub or other documentation.

Valdovinos has said that he didn’t even watch the film but his deceased brother did and told him he didn’t appear on-screen despite having been used in a number of takes.
He also claims that after the molestation he wanted to prove he was a man and even stopped going to classes which led to him being kicked out of the team and later he dropped out school for six months before returning and eventually graduating.

Valdovinos said that after he saw Harvey Weisten he thought “Me too—only I was a kid.” He reached out to Jeff Herman and another lawyer to discuss the matter but they said too much time had passed. Valdovinos filed a complaint with the California attorney general’s office although he says he felt rushed and quickly he scribbled a short summary about the story although it differs.

Valdovinos had Because he had signed a retainer agreement with Jeff Herman’s law firm, he listed Herman as his attorney. The attorney general’s office sent Valdovinos a letter suggesting that he report the incident to the police, but he didn’t, because he’d been told the statute of limitations had lapsed.

Victor Valdovinos Email

Valdovinos says he warned Singer’s of the article that at the time would be published on The Atlantic but he never wrote back to him. Valdovinos said he just needed an apology from Singer and a settlement.

“I would like to get an apology and a settlement from Bryan…I prefer this article not come out and have my name and picture all over the news.”

He claims he never got a reply and although he knows a financial settlement is unlikely he just want an apology from Singer for what he did.

Victor Valdovinos Girlfriend

Valdovinos claims that his life changed after the molestation and at the age of 16 he impregnated his girlfriend and they had a daughter although they broke up when their daughter was six months old.

Valdovinos claimed that since then he has had other failed relationships. He even had an affair with a married woman, estranged from her husband, but it ended badly as he was arrested and was sentenced to a one-year jail term for domestic battery, drug possession, and driving a car without the owner’s permission.

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