What is next for Liverpool after Premier League triumph?


After a cycle that sees Liverpool getting to the Europa League final, Champions League final, before winning the Champions League at the second asking then winning the Premier League, what is next for the Mersey side club? This is a very valid question that needs to be asked and only the club hierarchy can answer this. There are obviously things that are known that they will still like to achieve. They haven’t won the FA Cup or Carabao cup for a while as all their focus was on winning their first league title since 1990. After that has been achieved now, winning the domestic cups will be a thing they will like to achieve. Beyond that, there is a new direction the club will have to face to remain competitive.

Success can be intoxicating and it gets to every human’s head no matter how professional you can be. Liverpool, however, hasn’t gotten to that level that Manchester City are in terms of cementing their place as the best and most feared team in the league. It takes beyond winning a league title with 99 points to convince many that you are the real deal. What they need to do is remain at the top which obviously won’t be easy. For them to stay at the zenith of the league, there have to be a reassessment done at the club for them to be there for a long time. Investing in the club has to be as important as it has always been for the past few years. This is to stock up positions that are having departing players or aging legs.

There seems to be a very low awareness that Liverpool have only four central backs that can be called upon. With Dejan Lovren likely to leave, the options will be Van Dijk, Gomez and Joel Matip. This is not a very good thing to bank on for the fourth straight season. The backline has been the same for long and the Reds have been very fortunate with injuries. Quality defenders that can compete for first-team place rather than just a squad player. James Milner sometimes deputies as left-back or Gomez play there when Robertson is not available but that can’t be a long term plan. There seems not to be a regular deputy for Trent Arnold at right-back as well. Getting another center back in the form of Gomez who can play in any position at the back or getting two new players will be a very good way to show intent to retain the league.

The midfield and attack have players that are good enough that haven’t gotten a place yet and that will serve them well for the new season. If the addition at the back is made and the level of motivation is at the same as this season, they will be in a good position to retain the title. It has to be stated that other teams are reinforcing in ways that will make them also be able to win the league next season. Manchester City are doing all to ensure they bring back the title to the Etihad while Manchester United and Chelsea are finally finding their place and will all be gun blazing next season. Liverpool have a doable job on their hands to retain the league, it is left to be seen how serious they will be about it from the start of next season.

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