Who is Bria Anderson – Tim Anderson wife; Wiki, Bio, Age, Net worth, Children


Who is Bria Anderson – Tim Anderson wife

Bria Anderson is the wife to Tim Anderson, the American professional baseball shortstop for the Chicago White Sox of Major League Baseball (MLB). The two have a daughter together and runs Anderson’s League of Leaders foundation, a foundation meant to give back to at-risk kids.

Tim Anderson Wife

Bria and Tim got married in 2017. The two met through Tim’s sister when they worked together. With the help of friends they realised they were perfect for each other.

Tim once in an interview revealed that his connection with his wife transcends the everyday ups and downs of baseball.

“I leave everything at the field and come home and be with my family. It keeps me in a happy place and gets my mind off of baseball when it’s going tough.”

Bria has said that Tim is one of the most genuine, passionate and compassionate people she has ever seen.

“He’s one of the most genuine people I know. He’s got such a loving and giving heart. He’s so passionate and compassionate.”

Chuck Garfien once tweeted that Bria promised to cook Tim spaghetti whenever he hit a home run.

Tim and Bria Anderson Wedding

Tim Anderson Daughter

Tim shares a daughter with his wife, Peyton. Tim has said he cherishes the moment he spends with his daughter and doing fun things that kids like to do to keep her smiling and happy.

“I’m cherishing those moments with her. Do fun things and do what kids like to do, keep her smiling and keep her happy.”

Bria also added that Tim shares a special bond with their daughter much more different than she shares with her.

“He’s always been the sweetest guy, but it’s something totally different seeing a guy with his daughter, seeing them love on each other and bond with each other. You can really see their bond is much different than the bond I have with her. She has a special love for her dad. He’s her first love.”

Tim Anderson Paternity Leave

On 1st March 2019 shortly before White Sox played against the Cleveland Indians Tim left the lineup as his wife was going into labor with the couple’s second child. Tim will be replaced by Jose Randon who was set to play second base in the Indians’ home opener at 3:10 p.m. Chicago time. Anderson is likely to miss both the Wednesday and Thursday games.

Anderson’s League of Leaders foundation.

Bria and Tim in conjunction with White Sox developed Anderson’s League of Leaders foundation which is aimed at giving back to at-risk kids, with the memory of Moss driving these good deeds and exceptional work.

Moss was one of Anderson’s closest friends who was tragically killed in an act of gun violence in May 2017.

Tim said of the foundation: “We like to put smiles on people’s faces, but he’s the one that drives us. It’s all for him and I know he would want it this way. It’s going good so far. It’s going to be great.”

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