Who is Erika Koike- Nicolas Cage Girlfriend; Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Ethnicity, Net worth, Marriage

Nicolas Cage files for annulment with Erika Koike in Clark County, Nevada on 28th March 2019, four days after their marriage.


Who is Erika Koike- Nicolas Cage Girlfriend

Erika Cage is a makeup artist who is dating actor Nicolas Cage, the two are rumoured to be getting married after they applied for a marriage license at Clark County, Nevada. As a makeup artist Erika has one credit listed for the 2012 short film Hankikanto.

Erika Koike Age

Erika is 35 years old; she was born in 1983.

Erika Koike Height

Erica stands at a height of 5 feet 7 Inches tall.

Erika Koike Ethnicity

Erica is of Asian-American descent.

Erika Koike Makeup Artist

According to IMDB Erika is a makeup artist with one credit listed for the 2012 short film Hankikanto.

Erika Koike Nicholas Cage/ Nicholas Cafe Girlfriend

Erika Koike and Nicholas Cage were first spotted together in April 2018 while on vacation in Puerto Rico. They were again photographed together in May while out to dinner in Los Angeles.

Nicholas has previously been married thrice. He married his first wife actress Patricia Arquette, in April 1995 and the two later divorced in 2001.

In August 2002 he married his second wife Lisa Marie Presley but filed for divorce in November 2002 which was finalised in 2004.

He married his third wife Alice Kim in 2004 and welcomed their son Kal-El in 2005. The two separated in January 2016, after 12 years of marriage. During an interview with The Guardian in 2018 Cage said that the divorce was a shocker for him as he didn’t see it coming and that those feelings he had to put them into performance.

“It was a shocker for me I definitely didn’t see it coming and those feelings had to go somewhere, so they went into the performance.”

He, however, said that the two could stay friends as he had no ill will towards her.

“Oh yes, I want to. She was quite young when I married her and I don’t really have any ill will towards what happened. That’s all I’ll say. And now it’s like, wow, I’m 54 and I’m single again, I didn’t see that coming! It’s pretty grim.”

Cage was also in a relationship with actress Christina Fulton in 1988 and they have a son Weston born in 1990.

Nicolas Cage Married/ Nicolas Cage Spouse

Nicolas and Erika got married on March 23, 2019, according to their marriage certificate.

Nicolas Cage Annulment/ Nicolas Cage Divorce

Nicolas filled for annulment four days after getting married. According to court documents Cage filed for an annulment with Erika Koike in Clark County, Nevada on 28th March 2019. Cage asked for a divorce if an annulment is not possible.

It is unclear why he filed for divorce and this will be the fourth failed marriage for the 55-year-old movie star.

Nicolas Cage Erika Koike Reason For Wedding Annulment

According to court documents Nicolas claimed that at the time of the wedding they were both intoxicated as they were “both drinking to the point of intoxication” before participating in a wedding ceremony. Cage claims he lacked an understanding of his actions and was therefore incapable of agreeing to a marriage with Erica. He says he now understands he “reacted on impulse without the ability to recognize or understand the full impact of his actions.”

Cage also claimed that Erica didn’t tell him about “the full nature and extent of her relationship with another person,” and believes fraud was committed. He also added that Erica has an active criminal history which he didn’t know. Erica was busted for DUI last year in Las Vegas but she pleaded not guilty and is due back in court in June.

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