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Gordon Caplan Biography

Gordon Caplan is an American attorney and co-chairman of the law firm Willkie Farr & Gallagher. He is one of the 32 parents who was charged on 12th March 2019 for college admission scheme.

According to the complaint filed on 12th March 2019 Caplan worked with William Singer between June and December 2018 so that his daughter, who scored in the low 20’s on her practice ACT, would end up with a 32 after her answers were doctored.

It is alleged that Caplan took his daughter to a psychologist in Los Angeles in order to get medical documentation she would need to receive extended time for an entrance exam.

The ACT twice denied his daughter’s request for an extended time before ultimately granting it at the request of law enforcement officials investigating the scheme, according to the complaint.

Singer suggested that Caplan should hire someone to take classes for his daughter to improve her grades. Caplan’s wife has issues with that and said
she had a “problem with that.”

The complaint said Caplan picked up the phone to speak privately to Singer, and asked, “if somebody catches this, what happens?”
“The only one who can catch it is if you guys tell somebody,” Singer said.
“I am not going to tell anybody,” Caplan said, both laughing, according to the complaint.

Gordon Caplan Wife

Caplan’s wife name is unknown.

Gordon Caplan Daughter/ Gordon Caplan Daughter Name

Caplan daughter’s name has not been revealed yet but he paid
$75,000 to rig his daughter’s ACT Score.

Wilkie Farr Gordon Caplan

Caplan is a co-chairman of the law firm Willkie Farr & Gallagher The firm was founded in 1880 and boasts a blue-chip clientele and offices in 10 countries. In 2018 Caplan was named by ‘American Lawyer’ as the “Dealmaker of the Year”

On 13th March the firm said that Caplan was placed on a leave of absence after his involvement in the college admission scheme.

Gordon Caplan College Admission Scheme

Caplan along with the other parents was charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and wire fraud after Singer admitted he took millions in bribes to help the rich buy access to the best schools for their children.

The evidence against Caplan included detailed excerpts of wiretapped phone calls with Singer. The first documented call between Singer and Caplan was on 15th June 2018 when Singer outlined the details of the scheme.

Singer told Caplan to take his daughter to a psychologist and get her tested for a learning disability which was a way to get her extra time on the test and a separate room away from other students. The family was then supposed to travel to Los Angeles on the pretence of a recruiting visit to justify the teen taking the test at one of the schools where Singer had bribed test administrators.

After Caplan’s daughter took the test her results were to be altered by a paid-off proctor so that her score would be in the agreed-upon range.

Singer later made a follow-up call where he argued Caplan that his daughter had “to be stupid” when she was getting tested for a learning disability to ensure she got the extra time. According to the complaint Caplan was hesitant at first saying it feels a little weird but Singer assured him that “when she gets the score and we have choices, you’re gonna be saying ‘Okay, I’ll take all my kids, we’re gonna do the same thing.’”

Caplan’s wife wasn’t convinced and even when Singer later suggested that they hire someone to take some of her daughter’s classes his wife had some reservations and Caplan got her off the line.

Caplan also expressed his concerns and made it clear that it was not about the moral issues but he was ” worried if she’s caught doing that, you know, she’s finished ” to which Singer assured him that he has never happened before.

Caplan later flew with his daughter to L.A after weeks later to meet with the psychologist to obtain the learning disability diagnosis. The ACT administrators rejected the diagnosis twice but on the request of law enforcement officials, they approved Caplan’s daughter for extra time in early November.

On 13th November Caplan wired $25,000 to a bank account in Boston that Singer told him was connected to his charity. Singer and Caplan later briefly debated what score his daughter should receive noting that she had scored 22, they both settled on a 32.

Caplan’s daughter arrived for her exam a few weeks later along with her father. She left the West Hollywood testing centre at 11:52 a.m unaware that law enforcement agents were watching, and that her testing experience had been a lie.

Caplan wired the remaining $50,000 two weeks later.

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