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Haley Adams Biography

Haley Adama is a Portland white nationalist member of Patriot Prayer who has been a consistent presence at Patriot Prayer and Proud Boy events. On June 29, 2019 she had arranged for a ‘Him Too’ event which was opposed by Anifa who assaulted and attacked journalist Andy Ngo during the counter-protest.

Haley Adams Him Too

On June 2019 Haley had set up a ‘Him Too’ event which was due to take place at 1 p.m. The event was meant to make a stand against Communist Domestic Terrorism.

The rally was being opposed by Rose City Antifa and the Democratic Socialists of America of Portland. Haley on her Facebook account said that the event had been a “success” and that they had “a peaceful event.” She added that the opposers had been violent and had attacked the policemen, journalist and innocent citizens of Portland. She also blamed Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler claiming he will just ignore the crisis and do nothing to protect the journalist or the citizens.

Anifa Opposed Him Too Event

Antifa took to the street to counter protest the ‘Him Too’ and in the event, they attacked journalist Andy Ngo who is an editor for Quillette. He was attacked and assaulted and her camera and equipment were stolen. Haley shared the photos of Andy on her Facebook with the caption “Stand against domestic terrorism’.

The protestants were throwing milkshakes. The police later released a statement saying that the milkshakes thrown by the Antifa activists on Saturday contained quick-dry cement.

Haley Adams on Ted Wheeler

Haley had previously said that mayor Ted Wheeler might ignore what happened but after he spoke against the attack, Haley still claimed that he just showed how incompetent he was as a mayor when it comes to protecting the citizens of his city and said they would be rallying at his house on a date that will be released later.

“Ted Wheeler has spoken on the attack against Andy Ngo saying he is “Proud” that the Portland Police Bureau stood down. We stood against Domestic Terrorists today and Antifa yet again came out showing truly the real terrorist’s who they are, yet again. The violent problems in Portland are always going to see where the real Hate and Violence comes from. Ted Wheeler is just showing how incompetent of a Mayor he is when it comes to protecting the citizens of his city. We will be rallying at Mayor Ted Wheeler house. Date will be released tomorrow”

Haley Adams Facebook

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