Who Is Brian Rapinoe (Meghan Rapinoe Brother) Wiki, Bio, Age, Birthday, Crimes, Drug Addiction


Who Is Brian Rapinoe

Brian Rapinoe is the older brother of American professional soccer midfielder/winger Megan Rapinoe who plays for and captains Reign FC in the National Women’s Soccer League. He is a recovering drug addict who has used drugs since he was 12 and have been in prison for most of his life.

Brian Rapinoe Birthday

Brian’s birthday is on July 7. After the U.S. Women’s National Team won the World Cup in which Meghan scored the opening goal in a 2-0 victory in the championship and earned the Golden Ball as the World Cup’s best player she gave a shoutout to Brian as it was his birthday.

Brian Rapinoe Family

was born to Jim Rapinoe and Denise Rapinoe. He has five siblings including Megahan and her fraternal twin Racheal Rapinoe.

Brian Rapinoe and his mother Denise Rapinoe
Brian Rapinoe and his mother Denise Rapinoe

Brian Rapinoe Meghan Rapinoe

Brian is the older brother of Meghan who is a soccer player. Meghan was inspired to join soccer by her brother and she idolized him, she took up soccer at the age of three when Brian began playing. She has turned out to be a great player as she plays for and captains Reign FC in the National Women’s Soccer League.

Meghan during an interview with ESPN said; “My brother is special. He has so much to offer. It would be such a shame if he left this world with nothing but prison sentences behind him. To be able to have him out, and to play for him, and to have him healthy, with this different perspective that he has now: This is like the best thing ever.”

Brian Rapinoe Drugs

At the age of 12, Brian began smoking marijuana. During an interview, he said he doesn’t know for sure why he began smoking but right from the start he got hooked and one drug led to another. He got attracted to the “fast life,” he says, to getting high, to driving nice cars and to the “hype around this lifestyle.” At the age of 15, he was arrested for taking meth to school and was sent to juvenile detention.

Brian Rapinoe Crimes

At the age of 18, Brian began taking heroin, he was arrested and charged with car theft, evading arrest and a hit-and-run while driving under the influence of drugs. While in prison he aligned himself with the white prison gang and was inked with Nazi tattoos. A swastika on his palm; lightning bolts on his fingers, sides and calves.

His family was devasted with the tattoos but Brian says the tattoos to him weren’t about prejudice and racism they were about heroin and survival. To support his addiction, he needed to be, in his words, “an active participant in prison culture.”

The California prison is segregated and that meant Brian lived strictly among the white population. “You come in as a kid, and there are these older dudes you think you respect, spouting ideas, and you kind of listen. I developed a protect-your-own mentality.”

Brian began very invested in the gang while serving time and racked up charges: possession of drugs, possession of a deadly weapon, three assaults on other white inmates. Due to that behavior he spent eight of his 16 years in prison in solitary confinement.

In 2007, as he was turning 27, he was transferred to Pelican Bay State Prison in Northern California, the state’s only super-max-security prison.

In 2010, at the age of 30, he lasered off his face tattoos, the swastika on his palm became a spider web; the Nazi lightning bolts became skulls. He did not want any racial insignias on his skin. They did not reflect who he was.

He was however still using heroin and was again arrested and sent to Donovan State Prison in San Diego. Brian finished his term and was released.

In July 2017 he was again arrested and was back up north in Pelican Bay. His cellmate began helping him inject heroin into the back of his neck but one day a needle broke.

“I freaked out on him, really lost it. And he said to me, ‘Look at how you are acting right now.'”

Brian says the words got into him and transformed into personal questions he asked himself. Your whole happiness and peace of mind is focused on this dirty-ass hypodermic needle: Is this what you want? Do you want this cell and this bulls— powerful persona to be all you are?

He said he thought about the seven murders he’d witnessed out on the yard. He thought about his own knife fights — about everything he’d done and been a part of — just so he could continue to do heroin. He thought about Megan. Look at all she’s done with her life — look at what you’ve done with yours. He says he was finally ready for change.

He enrolled in the new self-improvement and rehabilitation classes the California prison system had begun to offer. Each completed class reduced time from his sentence.

After 24 years of using and selling drugs, Brian quit and has since been clean for 18 months. As of 2019, Brian is enrolled at San Diego City College as part of the Male Community Reentry Program, he’s taking classes to finish up the final year of his sentence.

As of his tattoos, Brian says he hates them but he knows they could matter again in the future as he wants to get involved in the juvenile delinquency program, wants to talk to anybody who might be about to jump off the same ledge he did.

“These tattoos, it’s gonna get their attention. It’s like, dude, you don’t think I know what I’m talking about? I want to make a difference. I want to be like Megan.” he said.

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