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Patricia Ann Wiki / Jan Michael Spouse Bio

Patricia Ann was the third wife to retired actor Jan Michael Vincent. They two got married in 2000 although they had known each other since Jan’s  Airwolf acting days although they later lost touch but later reconnected and got married. Patricia was born in 1953.

Here is everything we know about Patricia Ann Husband – Jan Michael Vincent

Jan Michael Vincent was an American actor born on 15th July 1954 in Denver, Colorado, U.S. He died on 10th February 2019 at the age of 81. Jan Michael was popularly known for his role as Stringfellow Hawke, an attack helicopter pilot on the television series Airwolf. During his lifetime he battled alcoholism and intravenous drug use.

Jan Michael Vincent Age

At the time of his death, on 8th March 2019, he was 81 years old.

Jan Michael Vincent Family

Jan was the son of Lloyd and Doris Vincent, he had one sibling, Christopher Vincent. They were born in Denver, Colorado but later moved and grew up in Hanford, California.

Jan Michael Vincent Education

Michael attended primary school in Hanford and later graduated from high school in 1963. He later enrolled at Ventura College in Ventura where she majored in Drama.

Jan Michael Vincent Wife

Jan has been married three times; he first got married in 1968 to his high school sweetheart, Bonnie Poorman but they divorced 9 years later on 2nd January 1977.

In 1986 he married Joanne Robinson but they divorced in 1998 with Joanne obtaining a restraining order against him claiming he had abused her since the beginning of their marriage.

Jan married his third wife Patricia Ann in 2000, the two had first met when Jan was acting on Airwolf but they lost touch and later reconnected and got married.

Jan Michael Vincent Daughter/ Amber Vincent Jan- Michael Vincent

Jan had one daughter Amber Vincent from his first marriage to Bonnie. Amber keeps her life away from the public eyes and has blocked every attempt of her father of communicating with her. One of Jan’s last wishes was to reunite and rekindle his relationship with Amber.

Jan Michael Vincent Acting Career

Jan was spotted by a talent scout while at the California Army National Guard. He landed his first role in the 1967 movie, The Banditis (aka Los Bandidos). He later had several roles in television series and movies such as The Banana Splits, Adventure Hour, The Survivor, Lassie among others.

Jan had his breakthrough with his role as attack helicopter pilot Stringfellow Hawke on the television series Airwolf which ran from 1984 until 1987 and as Matt Johnson in 1976 film Big Wednesday.

Jan Michael Vincent Drug Addiction

Jan had struggled with alcoholism and drug abuse throughout his life. He was once the highest paid actor on TV and this also somehow contributed to his drug addiction. At the age of 34, he was arrested for growing marijuana in his home. He was later arrested near his home in Malibu for a DUI. At this time it was established that he was using marijuana, alcohol, and cocaine.

His drug addiction affected even his work as he would show up at work drunk the set of Airwolf drunk. The producers put up with him because at the time the TV show was successful but as soon as the show ended his career as an actor also ended.

His drug addiction caused three accidents over the years. The first accident happened in 1992 while the second happened in August 1996 which left him with three broken vertebrae in his neck and even lost the use of his vocal cord due to an emergency medical producer which left him with a permanent raspy voice. The third accident happened in September 1997.

Jan Michael Vincent Amputation

Jan suffered from peripheral artery disease which led to an infection which prompted amputation of his right leg. A month later in the recovery ward, he developed another infection that forced doctors to cut off even more of his right leg. He was given a prosthetic limb and sometimes used a wheelchair.

Jan Michael Vincent Death/ Jan Michael Vincent Cause of Death

According to death certificate Jan- Michael died on 10th February 2019 of cardiac arrest. The certificate says that he died of natural causes and no autopsy was performed. His death was not made public until 8th March 2019.

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