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William Singer Biography

William Rick Singer is a 59 years old man businessman and former coach who is in the middle of college admissions cheating scandal. He is the owner of the Edge College & Career Network, also known as The Key which is a college counselling and preparation company which offers help to families help in getting students into competitive colleges and universities. He also runs a charity organisation- Key Worldwide Foundation.

Rick Singer began his career as a teacher and athletic coach. In 1992 he founded his first college counselling business, Future Stars, in Sacramento but he sold it a few years later.

He later worked as an executive managing call centres before starting another admissions counselling business, The CollegeSource, in Sacramento in 2004. Mr Singer also helped to develop an online high school that was sold to the educational services company Kaplan. In 2014 he published a book of advice about getting into college.

Rick Singer has also been a coach, he has coached softball, basketball and tennis at high schools, community colleges and university, including Encino High School and Sierra College.

Rick Singer Education

Rick Singer has a Bachelors Degree in English and physical education from Trinity University in San Antonio. he also has a master’s in counselling and a doctorate in business and organizational management.

William Rick Singer Family; Wife and Children

Not much is known about Rick Singer’s family, his wife’s name is unknown and also his children. He has a son who graduated from DePaul University in Chicago in 2017. While his son was a student there he made donations which total to $150,000 through his charity organization – Key Worldwide Foundation.

“Not unlike many parents, Mr. Singer made several contributions to DePaul. These gifts were made by the Key Worldwide Foundation in 2014, 2015 and 2016 while his son was a student. All were in support of helping students study abroad.” Carol Hughes, a spokesperson for DePaul said.

William Rick Singer Book

In 2014 Rick Singer published Getting In, a book about “gaining admission to the college of your choice.”

William Rick Singer Charity Organization

William is the founder of Key Worldwide Foundation which is a charity organisation through which parents of the students who were involved in the college admission scheme made donations and also the organization.

Over seven years Singer is estimated to have taken $25 million from wealthy parents as tax-deductible donations to his charity. Many of the charity’s grants were a cover for bribes to at least 10 athletic officials and coaches at renowned universities including Yale, Stanford, University of Texas at Austin, and University of Southern California, officials said.

Over three years Key Worldwide Foundation donated a total of $150,000 to DePaul University in Chicago where Singer’s son was a student.

Key Worldwide Foundation also made several donations to New York University Athletics ($338,379), University of Miami ($100,000), Baruch College at the City University of New York ($50,000), Chapman University ($325,000), and Loyola High School ($77,870), according to tax forms.

Singer’s charity also made donations worth $33,329 over three years to a Sacramento address listed as “Community Donations”. The addresss belongs to Singer’s own life coaching and college counseling company called the Key.

William Singer College Scandal/ Operation Varsity Blues

William Singer was paid by parents about $25 million to help their children get into colleges. Some of those parents included actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman. According to the prosecutor, Singer told one of the parents that he wanted to help the most privileged.

“OK, so, who we are … what we do is we help the wealthiest families in the US get their kids into school.”

Over the past 20 years, Singer and her team at ‘The Keys’has helped more than 90,000 adults and also guided high school and college students seeking undergraduate or graduate degrees

Rick Singer Scam/ Rick Singer Scandal

Rick is in the middle of a cheating scandal through which he has managed and profited from. Rick has admitted to four charges of scam and when asked by the judge to describe his role on the plot he said he arranged for students to take their SAT or ACT exams at sites in Houston or Los Angeles where he had bribed test administrators.

The students thought they were taking the tests legitimately but his proctor would alter with the results by changing some of their answers afterwards to make their scores come out exactly how Mr Singer wanted.

He also bribed college coaches to falsify reports that the students have been recruited for the school’s sports teams. According to the prosecutors, he also falsified ethnicities and other biographical details in some cases, to take advantage of affirmative action.

Mr Singer also told the court that after he became a cooperative witness he tipped off several families that his conversations were being recorded by the authorities and warned them not to incriminate themselves.

William Rick Singer Newport Beach

Singer owns a Newport Beach house which he bought in 2012 at a price of $1.55 million. The house is on sale, it hit the market on 20th February at $2.599 million.

The house was built in 2003, sits on “one of the most sought after blocks in the desirable enclave of Newport Heights.” It is 5,167 square feet with soaring ceilings, stone floors, French doors and a gourmet kitchen and butler’s pantry. There’s also an office suite and secluded patio with a cooking area and firepit. The master suite has multiple decks and a “spa-like” bathroom.

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