Why Bournemouth FC will not return to the Premier League next season


Playing in the Championship is one of the most excruciating thing that can happen to a team that is about to lose its core players in the just concluded season. After spending five years in the English top flight, it was time to return to the Championship for Bournemouth. It was a very painful one for Eddie Howe who has been their manager since the beginning of the journey. He now seems to be the one that will be taking them through this turbulent time as the journey into the Championship for the coming season begins. With Nathan Ake set to leave the club and many others to follow, it means that their squad will be depleted and Howe will have to start shopping for Championship players to fill the void.

This is a herculean task. Many teams that have gone down have found it difficult to make it back at first asking and this is due to the demanding nature of the league. For a team that will now be losing the core of the team, it is almost a journey of no return. A look at the teams in the Championship that have been knocking on the door of the Premier League have shown that the league is more difficult than many assume it to be. Derby, Fulham, Swansea, West Brom, Leeds United, Nottingham Forrest and many more have constantly been knocking with them making it to the play-offs at one point or the other. Leeds and West Brom finally made it this season and that leaves the rest to continue the fight next season. These teams are grounded in the league but find it difficult gaining the promotion into the top flight.

Only Newcastle in recent times have been relegated and promoted at first asking. It is possible to get promoted but what it demands sometimes is too much ask for a team that is selling the most important players. Newcastle did it because they had an experience manager in Rafa Benitez and they kept their most important players. That made their journey very short. The quality of football in the Championship is top-notch and the league attract quality players now which means that second fiddle players can’t be trusted with the job of getting Bournemouth back into the league. To survive such competitiveness, Howe have to find a way to convince many of the players to stay or bring in new ones that are either experience or of great quality that will make an instant impact on the squad.

From all indication at the club, it doesn’t look like this will be happening and all that Howe have will be the players left and few additions and academy products to add up to the numbers. Bournemouth are starting a new phase in the history that their fans have to be ready for. They have enjoyed their time in the Premier League with great memories about their way of play and how Eddie Howe have been loyal to them all through the journey. The fear is that they should not turn to another Stoke City that after spending 10 years in the Premier League couldn’t find their way in the Championship and have become a regular Championship side.

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