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Zahara Biography

Zahara Bio

Zahara whose real name is Bulelwa Mkutukana is an Afro-soul singer-songwriter and poet born on 9th November 1988 in East London, Eastern Cape, South African. She is a multi- award winning artist and the second South African musician to reach double platinum in 72 hours.

Age 29 years as of September 2018; born on 9th November 1988
Occupation singer- songwtiter, poet
Parents Nokhaya and Mlamli Mkutukana
Siblings 6
  • Loliwe (2011)
  • The Beginning Live (2012)
  • Nelson Mandela (2013)
  • Phendula (2013)
  • Country Girl (2015)
  • Mgodi (2017)
Networth under review
Boyfriend Ian Sibiya



Zahara gained popular attention when she was appointed the lead singer of a local Sunday school choir in Phumlani. She began her career singing on the streets of East London when she was spotted by TK Nciza of TS Records, who signed her to his label.

In 2011 Zahara released her debut album Loliwe which reached double platinum in 72 hours. This made her the second, after Brenda Fassie,to reach this figure in such record time.

Zahara released her first live DVD, which featured X-Factor USA contestant LeRoy Bell, which reached platinum in one day.

In 2017 Zahara signed with Warner Music South Africa and released her fourth album, Mgodi, which went gold after six hours.

Zahara Loliwe

In 2011 Zahara released her debut album Loliwe with the first issue selling out within 72 hours. The album went platinum after 13 days and was certified double platinum in 17 days.

Zahara – Nelson Mandela

In 2013 she was invited by Nelson Mandela in his home to perform a private bedside concert. She then composed “Nelson Mandela” in his honor and released it as an EP.

Zahara is the brand ambassador for Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital.

Zahara Songs

  • Umthwalo
  • Incwad’encane ft. Georgy
  • Loliwe
  • Umfazi
  • Mgodi
  • Bengirongo
  • Lengoma
  • DestinyImali
  • Impilo
  • Inameva
  • Mandela
  • My Guitar
  • Xa Bendingena Mama
  • Amapleya
  • Thembalam
  • Thekwana
  • Rise Again
  • Bomi Endibaziyo
  • Phendula
  • Umsebenzi Wam
  • Indlela Yam’
  • Izintaba
  • Bomibam
  • Ndiveze
  • Ina Mvula
  • Stop The Night
  • Yhini

Zahara Boyfriend

Zahara is dating Ian Sibiya who is five years her junior. They first met at braai and became friends which lead them into a relationship.

“I couldn’t believe we both fell in love so quickly. Ian is such a gentleman. He doesn’t come to the house without a gift. People will say I said the same about Amaza but I honestly believe Ian is the one.”

“I was actually shocked to find out he’s 23. The age difference doesn’t change anything – Ian is very mature and he respects me so much. He speaks to me like I’m a queen. He has his own career and doesn’t depend on me either.”

Zahara Stabbing

In July 2018 Zahara was stabbed by beggers on the street when she tried to offer them money. She had to cancel a peformance that was scheduled in the UK.

“I reached out to give this group of men money when one grabbed my arm. I was so confused. I thought it was just a fan getting excited. But then another one reached in the car to try open door. I tried kicking him and fighting him off and that was when he stabbed my arm.”

“I’ve never been so frightened in my life. I was so scared. It was horrible. I kept wondering why this would happen. I am the type of person who if they have two slices of bread, why can’t I share? I don’t know if I can do that (give back so freely) anymore.”

“At least it wasn’t my hand where I play the guitar. I am grateful for that. So, I am waiting for my arm to heal properly. The Mandela concert has been postponed and I am looking forward to going there to celebrate Tata when my arm heals.”

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